Norman having xrays done

 Norman turned 11 on Nov. 3rd this year. For the past 2 weeks he has had boughts of a upset stomach where he doesn’t want to eat one meal during the day, wantes to eat grass and occassionaly vomits. Took him in to work last Friday and he has lost 8#. Bloodwork and xrays were all normal. He was fine until tue vomited again and then this am he didn’t want to eat his breakfest again and just acted sore so off to work again. Another xray and lost 2 more pounds. Got him home and he ate his wet food mixed with dry and is sleeping now. Not sure what is going on with my boy but guess will find out Monday when I take him back to work for a exploratory surgery to see what is up. I love him dearly and he is my soulmate and life and hope that he will be ok.

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  1. Dusty Rose

    Praying for the Norman and that you find out what is wrong with him so that you can help him. It is so hard with dogs they can not tell you what is going on.