Normans 12th Season of Hunting

This past Monday Norman started his 12th season of hunting. Early goose started this past Saturday. John took Nellie on Saturday and they got 3 geese. He was going to take Norman on Sunday but after Norman had his breakfest at 4:30 in the morning he came back up to bed with me and crawled into bed and went back to bed and wouldn’t get out to go hunting so John took Nellie again. Monday came around and samething. Ate breakfest and back up to bed with him. I got up and kicked him out of bed and he went hunting. He went hunting with John, Justin and my nephew Joey who is 15 yrs old. Norman was the only dog hunting with the guys so he got all 3 retrieves. One retrieve was a goose that Joey shot and he was so darn proud to have shot that goose with his 20 gauge. Norman had a great day and did good with his retrieves but he paid for it at the end of the day when he was slow to get up and limped slightly. He won’t give up, he gives it is all!


2 Replies to “Normans 12th Season of Hunting”

  1. 2browndawgs

    Good job Norman! I bet he was glad you kicked him out of bed to hunt. Sometimes those old guys just need a nudge. 🙂 He looks very proud with his birds.