Monday Mischief-Glory Trapping

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Monday Mischief-Glory Trapping

Yesterday was Glory’s first time out trapping with us. John put out traps for muskrats on Saturday so Sunday we all went to check them. Glory went along as sometimes there are ducks on the river so in case there were some and I was able to hit them then she could retrieve them. We floated the canoe down the river, Glory has been in the canoe before so she did a great job in it. We didn’t come across any ducks but we did come across Mr. Otter playing on the bank, Glory barked at him so he jumped in the water and popped his head out and hissed at her. She gave him another woof. She then saw a mink running down the bank. She really liked the muskrats that John trapped, she would lick them and pick them up and set them where she wanted them in the canoe. There were times we had to get out of the canoe to pull it through the shallow parts of the river so she got to get out also and run around in the water. She had a great day on her first trapping adventure.

Yeah a canoe ride.
A muskrat.
Trailer in the air.

Playing in the river is fun.
Great day for a canoe ride.

6 Replies to “Monday Mischief-Glory Trapping”

  1. 2browndawgs

    Sounds like fun. You go some great pictures. I bet Glory really loved the trip. The trailer in the air is quite unique. 🙂

    Did you enter your info in the linky tool that is on one of the hosts’ sites? I haven’t been through all of the links, but I did not see yours there. You only have to enter it on one site and it will show up on any site that has the linky tool. On wordpress we can’t insert the linky, but blogger sites can. Sometimes you can get new visitors from the hoppers. 🙂

    1. Sand Spring Chesapeakes

      i did not enter my info there. i am so new to this and only know the basics. thank you for helping me and please keep the tips coming. yesterday i posted as a page and not a post and it took me forever to figure out what i did and how to fix it. the trailer is a hunting cabin. i can’t believe it hasn’t blown over yet.