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Today I am joining 2browndawgs for This ‘N That Thursday. This is what 2browndawgs says about This ‘N That Thursday. Thank you for the button and letting me join along.

This ‘N That Thursday is for those times when you want to post about unrelated topics or each topic isn’t quite long enough to make up a whole post.  It can be anything you want, so feel free to grab the button and join us!

Yesterday I posted a picture of Gambler in jail. Yes he was in jail for 2 days and 1 night. Glory is still in heat so instead of letting the babysitter (grandma) deal with keeping Gambler and Glory separated I took Gambler to work with me. I work as a Veterinary Technician at Harmony Pet care so I am allowed to bring my dogs to work when I need to. I set Gamber up in the boarding facility and he had a nice big room to hang out in with an indoor/outdoor capabilities. Much easier to bring him to work then have an unwanted doggie pregnancy. While there he got his toenails dremeled and his anal glands squeezed. He didn’t much like that but some jobs just need to be done. I dremel the nails on occasion as the dremel will smooth the nails down and get them shorter than a regular nail clipper. I have been doing this since he was a puppy so he doesn’t mind it. He is actually worse for nail clippings, which I don’t understand as I have been clipping them since he was a puppy also. The anal glands for those who are unaware of them are 2 scent glands on each side of the rectum (on the inside of the rectum at 4 & 8 o’clock position). They fill up with a nasty smelly material that usually gets expressed when the dog has a bowel movement but sometimes they don’t get expressed and fill up and irritate the dog so then you must have them expressed by a professional. If they aren’t expressed and they keep filling up and up they can become abcessed and rupture and then you have one sore doggie. One reason they might fill up and need to be expressed is when a dog has diarrhea, since the diarrhea there isn’t a solid bowel movement to help express so they buildup. Some signs of needing the anal glands expressed are scooting butt on floor, licking and chewing at rectum. Some dogs need this done more often than others.

 Yesterdays Pheasant Hunt

Nellie’s Pheasant

I took 3/4 of the gang out hunting. Nellie and Glory got to try their luck first. They ran and ran, smelled and did more smelling but didn’t find any birds. I drove to another location on the Department of Natural Resources public land and got Gambler out with Nellie this time. They did the same ran and ran, smelled and smelled. One thing that I did notice with Nellie this year versus the previous years hunting with her is that she must finally be maturing and not such a wild child. She took her time meticulously smelling everything and then when she caught a scent she was off, she found a scent in the woods while I was walking along side in the field, I heard the pheasant cackle and looked up to see it flying away as I thought great I will never get a shot in all that cover. The pheasant landed in a tree and I booked on over there and bagged the bird. Nellie was on it like white on rice while Gambler was on her heals but there was no way she was giving up that bird. I was so excited to finally get a bird for the dogs, it has been such a dry spell for birds and I but not today. We didn’t find any other birds so we were happy with what we got.

Glory enjoying the bird.

When I was done hunting I put the dogs in the truck and I placed the pheasant out in the field in cover. I got Glory out and told her to hunt it up. She ran out there with her nose to the ground and it is such an amazing site when they catch wind of the scent and turn right to the bird. She is such a good girl, she has alot of growning up to do but she is coming along quite nicely.

Sleepy Girls

This is what we do when done with hunting (me included).

I was hopping around on Longlifecatsanddogs blog the other day and I loved what she wrote about shelter rescue; adopting cats and kittens so I needed to share it with all of you. Hop on over to Longlifecatsanddogs for more great posts.

Now, I could get all serious here, retyping everything I already posted at Time To Train Your Dog (which, I might tell you, is devoid of my usual nonsense and is unlikely to be visible as they probably haven’t even seen it yet) but we all know I lack the energy and will power.  If you are serious about adopting a cat, I hereby suggest that you pop over to a dog site (which makes utter sense) and simply convert each sentence with the word dog or puppy to cat or kitten.  That’s far easier!

For now, we’ll give you the points in brief form:

  1. Toddlers and Kittens = explosion.  Sharp teeth, claws and exuberant antics hurt like hell.
  2. Kitten = baby.  Baby = hard work.  Food for kitten usually = have to have a job = no time for kitten.  Maybe consider an older cat.
  3. You need to feel good about yourself.  Adopt a cat and you’ll know you’ve given the best possible gift to an animal in distress.  Your loving, forever home makes you the Hero – golly, that feels good!
  4. They’re usually litter-box trained – your house smells better – this is good!
  5. Oh alright then, you still want a kitten cause it’s cute and cuddly and a fur-ball of fun.  That’s OK – there are tons of kittens needing good homes.  Go get one of them.
  6. Brilliant – you decided against the kitten an opted to be the Biggest Hero of the day, rescuing an adult cat.  This is better than good.  You get to see what the personality is like, right up front – no sudden surprises when your kitten grows up to think it’s a tiger.
  7. Variety – oh, the spice of life.  Shelters = more options than you ever thought possible.  Variety is good, spice is good, choice is good, therefore, shelters are good!  Oh and don’t forget, goofballs are good and shelters are full of those.
  8. You can believe that your cat will be eternally grateful to you for having rescued it.  Of course, it’s a cat, so it probably won’t but, go on, kid yourself anyway.  To understand why your cat will not behave like a rescue dog, please hop over to One Spoiled Cat where you will find Rules For The Cat which is both classic and too true for comfort.
  9. If you choose a moggy, it may well be healthier, suffering from fewer breed specific ailments.  Then again, it might not but who said life came with any guarantees?
  10. This feature is for No-Kill Shelters which, if no-one adopts, will obviously be overrun.  So, give yourself a big pat on the back, knowing that you not only saved one cats life but also made space for others to be rescued.  My word, you are doing well on brownie points now.
  11. <l

5 Replies to “This ‘N That Thursday”

  1. Molly The Wally

    Gosh I’d love to go on a pheasant hunt. I have to settle for squirrels but I have a new tactic. My peeps was flabberghasted when she saw me trying to shake them out of the tree. I may be small but I am not stupid. BOL. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. 2browndawgs

    Thanks for participating in This ‘N That Thursday. 🙂 I loved your T’NT post. I am glad Gambler wasn’t really in jail. lol The pheasant hunt sounds great. We are going to see what Freighter has this weekend, but we are probably going to bring Storm as backup just in case. It sure was a nice bird Nellie got. 🙂

  3. tylersat99

    What a fun hunting day, everyone got to get a try. Good job Nellie for finding the pheasant and great shot Mom. It was really nice that Glory got a chance to get one too. Naps were deserved 🙂