Monday Mischief – Big Buck Down

 This weekend was the opening of the Wisconsin 9 day gun deer hunt. The dogs had to stay indoors so they didn’t get into any mischief in the field this weekend. We own 70 acre’s but that isn’t enough land to own when you have people all around you wearing orange. Can’t have anything happen to those furry kids. I went to my deer stand and John went to his deer stand. John wanted me to go with him but I didn’t want to put that much work into hunting so early in the morning. He has to paddle a canoe up river and then walk to his stand and there is only room for one person so I knew I would get the stand and he would stand on the ground and I just didn’t feel right about that. Turns out I should have went with him as he shot a nice 10 point buck with a 17 inch inside spread. He thinks it would score around 135. John then had to drag the deer to the river and throw in his canoe and make the journey back home. Just way to much work for me. When he got back to the house the gang got out of jail and the mischief began.

Nellie is the queen and thinks all critters belong to her so she had to growl and snarl when anyone came close.

Nellie sticking her tongue out at gang.

Glory was afraid of the deer and didn’t want to sit in this picture.

The gang for the pic.

Here’s the gang, Norman is hiding behind Gambler, you can just see his legs. Gambler was intimidated by the bucks size so he was really cautious by it. Norman didn’t care he has seen so many.

John’s buck.


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    1. JoAnn

      The dogs will get only a couple of tasty morsels. I feed dry kibble so not to much raw or they get sick. We too use the antlers as chew bones the dogs love them. Never thought about the hooves, why not they use cow hooves. Have a great day.

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