Couple of Thank You’s

The gang send’s it’s THANKS!

A big thank you to 2browndawgs for nominating me for Share This Sunday by Molly The Wally. I can’t thank 2browndawgs for helping me get my blog out there for others to see and for Molly the Wally being so kind to include one of my posts on her Share This Sunday so others can read my blog and hopefully stop by and read other posts.

For those of you who haven’t stopped on over at 2browndawgs I think you should stop what your doing and go now and take a peek. They are called 2browndawgs but they really have 3 now with a year old chessie addition, they also have a very lovely cat and action packed adventures.

I just recently started reading Molly The Wally and where have I been all this time? She is a hoot and her outfits are out of this world. She is one special pup to pose for the pictures like she does. I recently went to the UK for a trip to meet a gal on facebook, I wish I would of know about Molly The Wally as I would of liked to meet up with her. Next time I am able to go I will make a point of meeting up.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!


6 Replies to “Couple of Thank You’s”

  1. Molly The Wally

    Oh how kind of you. That was really very sweet. If you ever need help or anything we can do we are at mollyDOTthewallyATbtinternetDOTcom. We appreciate your lovely words. Keep an eye out as tomorrow it is episode 4 of Dogton Abbey. I had a brilliant squirrel hunt today. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly