Monday Mischief – Gambler the wrecker

Oh how last week did Gambler ever wreck the stuff in the house. One morning while taking a shower Gambler decided he wanted my pink t-shirt. He didn’t want to take it out of the hamper the right wanted to try to pull it through a hole in the hamper, when that wouldn’t work he decided he must tear it in pieces to get it all out.

Opps can't get the shirt out that way.

Opps can’t get the shirt out that way.

After my shower Nellie needed a shower so here is a little video of the gang (mostly Gambler) being mischievous  with Nellie in her towel.

He then grabbed my jacket off the chair and ran around the house with it thinking about all the mischief he could get into if I didn’t stop him. I was then making breakfast I put 2 pieces of bread on the counter waiting to make my sandwich, I turned my back for a second and when I turned around a piece of bread was missing and Gambler was munching away.  He then grabbed the kitchen rug and started running around the house playing keep away from the others. Here is a video of this ordeal. After all this mischief I need to leave for a bit so Gambler and Glory got to hang out in their kennels while I was gone. Here is a video of Gambler singing the mischief blues.

The best mischief Gambler got into was on Sunday. John went out turkey hunting and got a turkey. He came home and threw the bird for Gambler to retrieve, Gambler was so excited to retrieve his bird he picked it right up and hauled it back to me.

I got the turkey.

I got the turkey.

Hopefully he got all the mischief out of his system and will be good this week!

monday mischief

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