Winter Walk

Over New Years I took Gambler and Glory for a walk around the property in the deep snow to wear some of their energy off. We were going to a holiday party so wanted them tired for when they had to be crated. We have over a foot of snow so the walk for me and the run for them should wear them out. (It wore me out but not so convinced it wore them out).  We have 70 acre’s of marsh, fields, pond, woods, pine trees so I took my camera with on the walk to try and get some pictures of them in snow settings. The above pictures I framed in my photo shop program the below pictures I left as is. Enjoy

3 Replies to “Winter Walk”

  1. tylersat99

    Beautiful!!! I was so disappointed to miss our first snow woods walk. First time ever I missed it. First you see untouched snow and then the girls just go wild. Your pictures look like they had so much fun 🙂

  2. 2browndawgs

    Happy New Year to you. Wow you got some snow going there. Those are beautiful pictures. Chessies look great in the field but I like them best against the snow.