My Shiner

Well it’s been a week and a half since Norman gave Gambler a shiner. For some reason Norman doesn’t like Gambler. It must be a male thing because Norman has no problem with Glory and has never done anything to her. Gambler on the other hand has gotten it from day one at our house. Norman just doesn’t realize that Gambler is his son and that Gambler loves him and just wants to be his friend. Norman is happy with his friends and wants no more.

It was a Monday evening, Norman was laying on the couch and Gambler walked by when Norman for no apparent reason bit him in the head. He bit him on the left side of his forehead and eye. This same place was the terrible bite when Gambler was just 7 weeks old. The bite was so bad it left his poor skull placed further back than the right side and caused him to have all kinds of teeth problems that needed to be repaired. I was working out of town when this all happened. He was ok enough to wait for me to come home and see what needed to be done.

My shiner.

My shiner.

He needed eye ointment three times a day to stop the eye infection and he was put on oral antibiotics also because their was a slight tear in the bottom lid.

Feeling very sorry for myself.

Feeling very sorry for myself.

This past Monday I took Gambler to work with me to have his eye rechecked. He still has some lower eyelid swelling but the infection looks like it is clearing up. The doctor wanted to take a xray of his face to make sure the bone below the eye wasn’t broken.

xray of head.

xray of head.

The xray marker L is on the left side of his head. The big circular black area above is his left eye socket. There isn’t a break in the bone but there is a puncture mark so the doctor wanted him to be on another antibiotic to prevent a bone infection. So more snackies for Gambler.

Maybe one day Norman will tolerate Gambler but for now we have to be careful that Gambler doesn’t get hurt again.

5 Replies to “My Shiner”

  1. Patti

    You’re right JoAnn, Norman doesn’t look at family relations the way people do. Gambler is just another male in the house where Norman was the main man for some time. Keep both Norman and Gambler safe, as long as you are in charge neither one of them will have to prove a point.

  2. Patti

    A real good book to read, that explaind why dogs do the things they do, and how they interact with each other is a book by Jean Donaldson called “Culture Clash”. It changed the way I see dog to dog and dog to human relations.

  3. tylersat99

    Oh my that sounds painful, I’ve never had two males at the same time but that seems like a really scarey relationship. I really hope that Gambler gets better very soon with no infections. Obviously they shouldn’t be left alone together. I’m just shocked:(