Monday Mischief ~Gambler


I was re stringing up my house plants with yarn. I set the ball of yarn on the table and of course that was just too tempting for mischievous Gambler. Up onto the table he went, snatched the ball of yarn and off into the living room he went with it. He thought it needed to be unspooled.  He did this 3 times before I wised up and put the yarn up higher.


Gambler knows his football is in the closet as well as my clothes for going outside when it is cold. When he is board he goes into the dog room karate kicks the closet door open and tugs on my coveralls to pull them out to tell me it is time to go outside and play. He also knows is football is on the top shelve so he tries to jump up there to get his football. He is just to mischievous for his own good.


“Really! I didn’t wreck another toy”


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