Monday Mischief ~Socks

It all started out with Glory carrying in a clean sock from the laundry room to tell me….Hey it’s time to fold the laundry. So I brought out the laundry and of course the young dogs had to come lay by me when I was folding the clothes. I toss the socks on the couch to save for last because I hate them! Gambler thought he should hold them down as they might get up and walk off.

Hey Gman, don't just lay there start folding!

Hey Gman, don’t just lay there start folding!


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4 Replies to “Monday Mischief ~Socks”

  1. 2browndawgs

    You have such nice helpful Chessies. Ours would try to eat those socks…or maybe that is just Freighter…lol. Yeah, I had to work with Freighter on “leave it” for socks. 🙂