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Today we are joining 2 Brown Dawgs for their This ‘N That Thursday’s blog hop!

This is what she has to say about the hop,

A little of this and a little of that and everything in between…

“This ‘N That Thursday is for anything you want!  Maybe you want to post about unrelated topics, or each topic isn’t quite long enough to make up a whole post, or you have awards to share, or you have one long post…anything goes!  So grab the button and join the hop!”

This past weekend we had a hunt test. Saturday John ran Gambler in Seniors. I stayed hidden and video taped. A friend of mine took some photos. First was the land series. It was a walk up double a land blind and the honor. Gambler got his 2 marks no problem the land blind was giving some of the other dogs a problem as it was placed in the tall grass in front of a big tree. The dogs wouldn’t get into the tall grass in front of the tree to get the bird they kept going to the right and to the left around the tree. Gambler one whistled the blind he was going mock 80 and John stopped him right in front of it and gave him a back hand signal and he jumped in the tall grass and grabbed the duck. The honor he had to problems with.

On to the water series. It was a double with a blind. The first mark was thrown behind a finger in the pond into another piece of water. The second mark was thrown near a point. The blind was to the right of the second bird on the next point over. The marks went well for Gambler then came the water blind. John sent him way right to keep him away from the point where the mark went down and that little buggar still managed to get over to that point there was just too much suction from the station he couldn’t get him off the point to go get his bird. He failed.

Sunday there was another Senior test and a Junior test. John ran Gambler again and I ran Glory. Glory did great no problems with her retrieves at all and she even jumped right into the water. She received her 3rd Junior Hunter pass. Gambler did everything correctly this day and even did the water blind, it wasn’t perfect but it was good enough so he passed. He received his 3rd Senior Hunter pass.

The pictures are from Saturday besides the ribbon one that was from Sunday.


Gambler staring trying to find me.


The walk up.


Second bird going down.


Going to get the live flyer.


The retrieve.


Coming back with the second mark (first bird thrown).


Lining up for the blind.


The send.


Running toward the blind.


Still on tract. See the blind pole in the tall grass?


The sit whistle and left hand back cast.


Almost there.


I got it!


The return.


The honor.


The ribbons.

A little of that:


Mk is doing well with her solitary confinement while we are gone. No more pee spots. She is taking her antibiotics and feeling good. Only three more weeks of medication.

So that wraps it up for today, why don’t you hop on over to 2 Brown Dawgs see what their up to and grab the badge and join the hopping fun!

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10 Replies to “This ‘N That Thursday”

  1. Taryn

    So you have to hide while Gambler does his thing? Would he not work if you were right there? I know in agility, I make my spouse (on the very rare occasion he watches) pretend to leave well in advance of the run. I don’t want Jimmy thinking/worrying where he might be!

  2. 2browndawgs

    Thanks so much for participating in TNT.

    Ah those darned water blinds. I believe Thunder got sucked over to a point on his. Congrats on the Sunday passes. Hope you finish the titles the next test. Great pictures, as always.

    That land blind in cover is what we were working on with Freighter. I have seen dogs go all around and not in the cover. I would have liked to train that a bit more, but hopefully if he gets to run a blind, and if it is in cover, he will take the cast.

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