Pruven To The Rescue X2

This summer I won a Pruven gift package, you can read about it here. Well I am back to say Pruven To The Rescue x2. Yes that is right I had to break out the Pruven Oxy Powered Stain and Odor Remover to clean up 2 messes.

First mess was done while I was away. John decided to cut Nellie’s toe nails by himself (usually I do it) because he couldn’t take her bear claws anymore. He cut her toe nails in the house of all places (not in the heated shed) and he accidentally cut one or two too short. When you cut a toe nail too short they bleed because you hit the blood supply (quick) in it. When that happens there are various products to stop the bleeding. Kwik stop is one of the products and of course I had that on hand but apparently Nellie (who hates to have her nails cut) ran upstairs to hide so she didn’t have to have the rest done. In the meantime she was bleeding on the carpeted steps to the upstairs and bleeding in the loft. Not sure how much time had passed from the time of the bleeding to when I got home.

2013-10-25 20.00.36

I broke out the Pruven Oxy Powered Stain Remover  sprayed the spots and cleaned them with rag. The blood spots came right out. No trace of any blood on any of the spots.

2013-10-25 20.01.40


Mess #2 was Nellie vomit. One morning Nellie had a upset stomach. Not sure why but she wasn’t feeling well. See video to hear her stomach rumbling. When that happens we say they have snakes in their belly’s.

Here’s a video of the snakes in Nellie’s belly.

She proceeded to release the snakes once again on the carpet.

I'm sorry mom, I had snakes in my belly. They had to come out.

I’m sorry mom, I had snakes in my belly. They had to come out.

The vomit spot is the yellow area in front of the little green dogs nose.

2013-11-17 09.57.15

I again sprayed the area and then used a rag to scrub clear. The vomit and yellow stain came right out.

Nellie it's ok Pruven to the rescue, you don't need to be sad anymore.

Nellie it’s ok, Pruven to the rescue, you don’t need to be sad anymore.

Nellie gives Pruven Oxy Powered Stain and Odor Remover 4 paws up!

I was not asked to do this review. I did it on my own to show what a great product it is.

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  1. tylersat99

    Sounds like a great product and did a wonderful job . We have a product that works that well but it great to have another in reserve. Accidents happen with morning stomach for Lexie sometimes. I never cut nails I am terrible!

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