Monday Mischief~Helpers

Of course I had to go shopping Thanksgiving night for all the super duper sales that were going on. I did manage to get a couple of items that were on sale. One was a Bissell Pet Carpet Cleaner for $99.00. This will come in handy for my next litter of pups and for all the mischief spills the pooches do until that time.

The next hot item I bought was  2 island chairs with backs. They were only $50.00 for the two of them. Usually I see them normally for $39.00 for one so I thought this was a great deal.

The mischief came to play when John started putting the chairs together, he had a couple of helpers.

Whatcha planning on building?

Whatcha planning on building?

I think I must supervise so there are no left over parts.

I think I must supervise so there are no left over parts.

This is hard work supervising, I must take a nap.

This is hard work supervising, I must take a nap.

MK's turn to supervise.

MK’s turn to supervise.

What's over there, I must go check it out.

What’s over there, I must go check it out.

Well what do we have here?

Well what do we have here?

I must play with these!

I must play with these!

No parts were left off thanks to the great supervisors.

monday mischief

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16 Replies to “Monday Mischief~Helpers”

  1. easyweimaraner

    hahahaha I remember know this moments. Even to install a simply fly screen can turn in a big adventure when you have fourlegged helpers. Have you finished the chairs?

  2. tarynft

    LOL! I had no idea what an “island” chair was! My brain was thinking along the lines of Jimmy Buffet! Talk about mischief! Silly brain!

  3. rmudge

    Don’t we all need a little help from our pets when assembling things? I’m not sure anything would ever get assembled without them! 🙂 Hopefully your help didn’t eat any of the parts. I also have to say that you have a very rare man in your life; one of the photos clearly shows that he at least took out the instructions. That’s pretty amazing.

  4. tylersat99

    Great pictures and supervisors. I hope you got them together in spite of all the help! The girls always like to supervise and help which of course takes us twice as long to accomplish 🙂

  5. Jan K

    Too funny….that really did make me laugh out loud! We have lots of supervisors/assistants around here too….they really do seem to think they are helping!

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