Thursday Barks And Bytes


The co-hosts for Barks And Bytes are Linda from 2browndawgs and Jodi from Heart Like A Dog
The Barks:
Tuesday we did a review for, you can read it here. Of course I have to show you the outtake photos.
Just because you lick your lips Glory I still won't share.

Just because you lick your lips Glory I still won’t share.

These treats makes my ear go wild.

These treats makes my ear go wild.

I think I need to try these first.

I think I need to try these first.

No sir re bob are you getting these first.

No sir re bob are you getting these first.

Off I go to enjoy these tasty treats.

Off I go to enjoy these tasty treats.

The Bytes:

A video of MK playing footsie.

1468661_10152290243354724_2970944841773079146_n 10150693_10152290251654724_6216469077628737577_n

This is how we sleep at night. Glory in Norman’s spot on my feet, Nellie to the side of me, Gambler is up by my head and MK is between my legs. She is one of the gang.



Sunday is Easter so guess what we have been up too…………………………………Blooper time!

DSC_0440 DSC_0441 DSC_0444 DSC_0455 DSC_0464 DSC_0465 DSC_0490

Stop back tomorrow to see what the gang has done for FitDog Friday, see more edited pictures of Norman on Nothing But Norman and of course the Easter pictures on Black And White Sunday.

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16 Replies to “Thursday Barks And Bytes”

  1. easyweimaraner

    I think Easy is a cat, he does the same every night. I like that they all are allowed to sleep in your bed, hope there is a little room for you too :o) I bet your easter photo session was super funny :o)

  2. Sue

    I love your out takes! Tried to get some Easter photos here yesterday, but the dogs would not cooperate. Suddenly nobody wanted to wear hats or bunny ears. Giving it another try today. It was probably the weather. (Just gorgeous and we all wanted to be outside!)

  3. 2browndawgs

    Thanks so much for joining the hop! Your outtake photos are better than my for real photos…lol. The only animal allowed on our bed is the kitty and then only when she sneaks in. She is so little that she will climb under the covers and end up by my feet. I wake up wondering why I am sweating….oh a hot kitty laying against my feet…lol. I never even felt her burrow under there.

  4. Jan K

    Ha ha ha, you know we love those bloopers and outtakes! I also love the photo of MK in her tower bed….she is posing so perfectly!
    Now, is she good about not biting too hard or using her claws when playing footsie? That can hurt otherwise! 🙂
    I love that she sleeps with all of you, neither of our cats will do that. Sam will come through occasionally, but she never stays long.

  5. Jodi

    Thanks for joining the blog hop.

    Holy shit woman, you make me laugh. The things you put on your dogs! Love the Easter pictures and I thought I had it bad with Sampson the bed hog, how in the hell do you sleep? You can’t turn over!!

    Have a great day!!

  6. Emmadog

    Have you dogs noticed that those face mask things are always made with a human nose in mind? They never think about how it will fit on a dog nose, it is a project! You are looking festive anyway!

  7. Pooch Smooches

    Love that wild ear photo and the Easter bloopers are a riot. MK is SO gorgeous. I’m a sucker for a tuxedo kitty. Just wish I wasn’t allergic and that Rita didn’t hate cats!! So sweet that they all sleep with you! (If a little crowded…)

  8. M. K. Clinton

    I know it’s wrong but I do enjoy seeing your perfect dogs cause bloopers. They are so darn cute and i am sure they are aware of being mischievous! We also shop for props at the same store! BOL!!