Monday Mischief ~Slipper Fun

What kind of fun can you have with slippers and who do you think was having so much fun?








Once again while I was in the shower the mischief happened. I got out of the shower, went to grab my towel and it was gone. I already know who took it as Gambler is the only one that steals my towels and takes them into the bedroom to lay on them.

photo 4


This is what I saw when I found Gambler and my towel.

photo 2

Gambler got so excited when he saw me he jumped up on the bed and started to chew on the slipper on the bed.

photo 1

If there was a video right now you would hear him “rooing” as he really is proud of himself. He is proud that he has wrecked many slippers. Of course these are John’s slippers as he doesn’t put his up.

photo 3

I then look out the bedroom door and who do I see with the other slipper? Miss Glory but she wasn’t chewing her’s she was protecting it from Gambler the slipper wrecker.

I thought he would of grown out of the slipper destruction stage. I guess not!

Don’t forget to stop back tomorrow and wish Gambler a Happy 3rd Birthday and enter his giveaway for a handmade paracord collar. He will be giving three away.

monday mischief

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16 Replies to “Monday Mischief ~Slipper Fun”

  1. easyweimaraner

    hahaha Gambler has class, he used to towel to make a comfy nest, before your slippers got a new design :o) And only one “designer-piece” on your feet wouldn’t look good, so Glory designed the other one. How clever, they think practical :o) Have a great monday!

  2. Bailey

    I do believe she was protecting the slipper. You can see the evidence is clear.

    Slippers are always a temptation.

  3. Frankie and Ernie

    Hey G-man….. did you use the towel to dry the drool on the slipper?? THAT would have been grrrreat.

    HAPPY BIRFDAY.. in Advance…

  4. Cathy Connolly

    🙂 sometimes we wish they would hurry up and grow out of things, then when we look back it always makes us smile~lol buy more cheap, cheap slippers.

  5. Will and Eko

    It always seems even when they’re out of the slipper destruction phase, they like to remind you every once in a while that they still got it in them!

  6. Jan K

    I think our blogs are parallel today….mine involves two dogs, one sneaker, and there’s also some glowing eyes in there!
    Luke is our slipper stealer, channeling his late brother Moses. So far he doesn’t steal towels, but that was one of Moses’ favorites too, so I won’t be surprised if he starts!
    Ooooh…I was hoping it was your beautiful collars that Gambler was going to be giving away…we’ll be back for sure!

  7. crazystacey

    We have to watch the towels too because the dogs like to drag them to the bedroom and lay on them. I hate when I forget and have to run for a new towe, all wet.

  8. 2browndawgs

    Finally finally I get to read the slipper post….lol. Well you know that Freighter wrecked his bed at the hunt test. Bigger mess than slippers. I would have thought he would have been over that kind of stuff too. Guess not! lol