Party Go’er Blooper Photo’s

The Sand Spring gang had a great time with their pal’s over at Slimdoggy Jack and Maggie’s virtual Gotcha Day party. Some of you may of seen the photos on my facebook page (if you want to be my friend on FB send me a request, click here), you can also follow me on Sand Spring Chesapeakes FB page, or on instagram, for those who have not here you go.

Here we are posing for the Gotcha Day photo for Jack and Maggie.

Glory showing off her fitness moves for Slimdoggy Jack.

And she’s outta here.


MK being a butterfly for Jack and Maggie.

Hiding in the soybeans all pissed off.

Glory had something to tell Jack and Maggie.





From all the great cards our pals got it looks like their Gotcha Day celebration was a big hit. Hope they have many many more.

13 thoughts on “Party Go’er Blooper Photo’s

  1. Emmadog

    I don’t think MK liked the costume too much. That video is hilarious, and got all us dogs curious…I think it was the high pitch 😉

  2. SlimDoggy (@MySlimDoggy)

    Love the outtakes. Your dogs are so good just sitting there with those get-ups on. I could barely get Maggie to wear the hat. Jack will do anything for a treat. I love MK’s butterfly outfit. Thanks for sharing this and for joining our party.

  3. Dogs N Pawz

    Love the pictures! Looks like you guys had a great time and we really enjoyed Glory’s video! Too funny!


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