Jones Natural Chews Does It Again

Jones Natural Chews Does It Again, yes they do, they made my dogs go nuts! Flea over at Jones Natural Chews got the Sand Spring Gang a little snackie for being one of the top three peeps commenting on the Jones blog for 2015. We were delighted to learn that we had so much to say and that we were getting a snackie….oh what will it be?

PicMonkey CollageThe snackie was their Rocky’s Rollers Soft Chicken Blend Sausage. The Sand Spring gang has never had a Rocky’s Roller so I didn’t know how they would react. Well you can see by the pictures how they reacted.PicMonkey Collage1They reacted like this was doggie crack, yes you heard me doggie crack. Flea has mentioned before that the Jones treats are like crack for dogs and I didn’t believe her until now! PicMonkey Collage2Gambler and Glory couldn’t get enough, I could hardly get the packaging off without them taking my hand off. They were NUTS, nuts I tell you. Glory couldn’t keep her mouth off the treats while I was trying to take the first pictures. Gambler couldn’t keep his teeth off them when I was trying to open them up and break them in pieces for all the dogs to try. PicMonkey Collage5Rocky’s Rollers were defiantly a big hit in our house. Nellie savored her treat unlike the others who gobbled them down then stared at her until she was done with hers. She is giving Gman the stink eye letting him know to back off this is her sausage!IMG_43371

Even the box was too much fun for Gambler and then Preacher. Never a dull moment when a box is in the house.

Thanks Flea and Jones Natural Chews for some more goodness for the gang!


9 Replies to “Jones Natural Chews Does It Again”

  1. easyweimaraner

    oh wow that must be sure like a drug lol … G-man makes the same shark eyes like Easy when he gets something what’s super delicious :o) … and yes… the boxes… I think Easy could work in a store as the box-shredder-machine :o)

  2. Flea

    I love seeing your dogs tackle treats! They’re whole-hearted about everything they do! Thank YOU for being such a great friend!

  3. Jan K

    Those are some very excited dogs! We need to try those sometime. I used to give the boxes to Luke, but he was consuming too much of the cardboard…LOL…it did not agree with his digestion!