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Canine Genetic Testing


GenSol Diagnostics offers accurate and affordable genetic testing for a multitude of genetic disorders affecting our canine companions.  Genetic screening is an excellent tool for determining and cultivating genetically healthy breeding practices, as well as a diagnostic tool for preventive wellness planning for your beloved dog. GenSol – Canine Genetic Testing

Genetic tests/coat tests that can be run on Chesapeake Bay Retrievers at GenSol are:

  • Canine Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) results accepted by OFA
  • Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC) results accepted by OFA
  • Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration (PRA-PRCD)
  • Coat Length /Fluffy Locus (LENGTH)

GenSol’s everyday bulk discount on tests is buy 5+ tests and they cost $30.00. They can be use one different animals at different times. Watch for their discounts as they will have a sale where you buy 5+ tests and they are $25.00 each, this is what I did to get the tests needed to test my three dogs. Gambler and Glory both needed PRA-PRCD tests as they are clear by parentage (CBP) but I wanted to test to make sure and have a certificate stating their results. Guilty is CBP on her three genetic tests so I wanted to test her for the same reasons so I got swabs to test for PRA-PRCD, EIC and DM.

I ordered the tests online at GenSol which was very easy to do. It automatically calculated the sale price on the tests that I entered. There were no additional costs for shipping or the return shipping on the tests. The tests were shipped out on July 8th and I received them on July 12th. I took the samples on the swabs that I needed, let them dry overnight and sent back in the prepaid envelope on July 15, 2016. I am still awaiting my results.


Paperwork, labels, swabs.

The test package came with the collection form, id stickers and the testing swabs. To see the instructions for collecting in full click here.


Gambler having the swab rolled around in his cheek pouch.

PicMonkey Collage

Gambler having the swab rolled around in his cheek pouch.

I removed a swab from the package, rolled it around in the dogs cheek for 10 seconds on each side.


Samples set aside to dry before packaging up to mail.

Once all the samples were taken I set them aside to dry, you need to let them dry for 20 minutes away from other pets.

Samples packaged up and ready to be mailed.

Samples packaged up and ready to be mailed.

Once dry they can be put in the package and sealed with the id sticker and put in the prepaid package to be mailed out.


Form filled out with appropriate information.

I filled out the form with the appropriate information on each dog for each test I submitted.

Pre Paid Envelope

Pre Paid Envelope

Put in the mail waiting for the results. Once I have the results I will share them here on my blog. This was a very easy process with fast turnaround on getting the tests to me. The prices and availability to have your results listed on the OFA database makes this a no brainer for anyone wanting to breed their dog the right way by knowing their genetic makeup on certain diseases that are hereditary. With these genetic screening tests and results you can make the right breeding choices when pairing two Chesapeakes. It takes the wonder out of your breeding program and makes your program top notch these days with all the hereditary conditions out there, we can hopefully put a stop to some of the debilitating diseases.

Have you had your dog tested for any genetic diseases?


17 Replies to “GenSol Canine Genetics”

  1. easyweimaraner

    we hope for good news when you get the results. apart from color/fur tests there is a Hyperuricosuria (HU) test available for weimaraners, would you suggest to do it?

  2. cape cod brown dogs

    This is great info.
    I am going to do both Woolsey and Musket, even though they are clear by parentage as well for DM and PRA and I believe Musket for EIC but neither for long hair gene .
    What I do hope is that the results come back is what has already been stated as should be ( clear by parentage) so we know that a second test is not needed.
    Thanks !

  3. Emmadog

    Interesting idea. The GBGV doesn’t have much in the way of genetic history for diseases, but they do a lot of record keeping for any that have developed things.

  4. Jodi

    I had no idea genetic testing could be so affordable. I haven’t done any on my guys but I’d certainly consider it for future pets.

      1. Sand Spring Chesapeakes Post author

        I sure the hell hope so. I guess they were reliable with these pra tests since I knew they should be clear. I’ll see if OFA accepts the results and puts them on the website as the pra one was the only one that didn’t say OFA accepts on it like the DM and EIC did. I know OFA lists GenSol as a lab that they will take results from so they must of checked out their reliability.

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