Gman And The White Coats

Gamn And The White Coats

The white coats is a field trial term. In hunt test you need to wear dark or camo clothing, in field trials the people out in the field wear white so the dog can see them at a distance since field trials are long distance marks. The owners will wear white as well so when doing blind retrieves and the dog is looking back at the owner they can see the handles easier.

We currently have our white coats on training Gambler because we have him entered in an upcoming field trial near our home. He is entered in what is called the qualifying stake.

Here is a link to a nice write up on the difference of AKC Hunt Tests and Field Trials, you can see it by clicking here.

Gambler has only ran in one field trial, he entered the open, amateur and the qualifying stakes in last falls ACC Field Trial Specialty, so this should be very interesting. We’re not expecting to win, we hope to just make it into the second or third series to show that he can move on and not get dumped in the first round.

The test is being held over Memorial Day weekend so I will keep you posted.

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