Water Trick Hank

It only took Hank a lunch hour to figure out how to turn on the surgery water faucet and get water out to play in.

Is this the thing water magically appears from.

Faucet turn on!

Does the water come from down here?

I’m waiting!

Maybe if I put my paw here it will turn on!

Hey look water!


Ohhh this is so much fun!

It didn’t take Hank long to figure out that if he put his head in front of the water faucet sensor that it would turn on the water. He would sometimes get it to turn on by swiping his paw in front but he had better success putting his head in front of it. Once he figured it out he kept sneaking in the treatment room to do it all over again.

Hank is now the trick clinic cat!

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11 Replies to “Water Trick Hank”

  1. Robin

    Go Hank! That looks like a fun faucet to play with. You are super smart for figuring that one out! I can imagine my Dexter playing with a faucet like this too. He would think that he learned a great trick that everyone needs to know about. 🙂