Gman’s Prezzie’s From France

Last month Gman had a Birthday, he turned 6 years old on the 13th of May. He was a Friday the 13th puppy which explains a lot why he is the way he is. His pal Phenny from across the pond send him a Birthday Prezzie and I finally found this half done post in my box so I thought it was time to finish it up and share the goodies Gman got.

Gman and Phenny’s older brother Easy who is now passed 🙁 would always see who could open their prezzie’s the fastest. Gman didn’t let Easy down with this prezzie and he is teaching his new pal Phenny how it is done. If you don’t know Phenny you can hop on over to his blog and follow along with his antics which are some pretty good ones for an 9 month old weim puppy. Gman thanks Phenny and his staff very very much for always remembering his Birthday and for sending such cool stuff!

Have a great day!

10 Replies to “Gman’s Prezzie’s From France”

  1. easyweimaraner

    so glad you like it… have you seen the first seconds of the second video? how he wagged with his tail through the bars?… I would sell my soul to see the back side of the gman that moment…