Life’s Simplest Moments {This Moment} See Beautiful

Last night while hanging on the couch relaxing from a day of work then a little dog training I look over to this moment.

Glory on her back in heaven because John was rubbing her belly. Each time he rubbed her right paw would go up in a wave motion. He loves his Glory girl and I love seeing these moments.

This morning while making a stop in my way to dog training I had to stop and take a moment to capture one of my favorite sites in Montello. This waterfall is such breath taking sitting in the middle of town. Would love to just sit in the park with my dogs and take in the peaceful moment, I can’t thou as the park doesn’t allow dogs so I’ll just look at the picture and dream.

Hope you all have a See Beauiful day!

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6 Replies to “Life’s Simplest Moments {This Moment} See Beautiful”

  1. Emmadog

    Life is a busy stressy mess most of the time these days. It’s important to make time to relax and enjoy the small things.

  2. Jan K

    You definitely captured a beautiful moment with John and Glory!
    That waterfall looks so gorgeous, perfect to just sit near and be peaceful listening to the sounds of the water.