Hunt Test Camping With Friends

Once a year we camp when we attend Muddy Waters HRC hunt test. We have friends come down from Upper Michigan and friends go up from back home. We have three campsites set up with our dogs and children.

Here is our base camp.

Stancerville travels, Josey and Rizzo hanging out in the camper watching us share hunt test stories. Guilty had to have her picture taken with the pink flamingo.

Had to take a moment to get a selfie with Red, she is Gambler’s daughter. Red is 15 months old and doing super well in her training program. She is coming along nicely. Rick ran her in seasoned tests this weekend. She didn’t pass but she sure did run good for a young dog. Now they know what they have to work on.

Willow gave us the most fun. It took her like 15 minutes to get into costume and then she turned her self into a dinosaur. Sophie was her handler. There was a little black lab puppy that came up on her and didn’t quite know what to think of her. Guilty barked at her and then wanted to tackle her and kiss her.

John and I stayed in our wall tent. Riggs needed to be crated as this was his first time camping and didn’t know how he would be. Gambler, Glory and Guilty have been camping before but it sure didn’t stop them from trying to sneak out the wall tent door and run a muck when we were trying to go to sleep. Once they were all settled in on top of our cots they stayed in the tent.

Glory ran in finished each day. Sadly she didn’t pass. The land blinds each day got the best of her. She had fun nonetheless.

Riggs and Josey on the other hand had great days each day by passing both started tests. Because of that it was time to break out the champagne. The bottle opener I had apparently was a cheap one and the screw part broke off in the cork. I had to mcguiver a way to get the cork out so we could enjoy the festivities.

Emergency adverted! Jo fixed it and drinks were in order now!

It’s always a great time camping with these friends. We all had a great weekend, something we will continue to do each fall.

Have a great weekend, this weekend we are going to a skeet shoot with our training group.

6 Replies to “Hunt Test Camping With Friends”

  1. Jan K

    What fun times! It must be such a blast getting together with friends who you have so much in common with. I love camping since it’s always a place you can take your dogs!

  2. M. K. Clinton

    That looks like a blast! We used to camp when our kids were young and would meet my brother and his family up in the Arkansas mountains. I’m glad y’all had fun.