Smelling Love In The Air

The canine nose is amazing, when a certain smell is in the air the boy dogs can smell it from afar. Guilty has been in season for over a week now and is ready to go into standing heat where she will accept male dogs. Riggs as you know lives across my pasture in a little woods from me. The other night he was just a smelling the air as their was a east wind and sending Guilty’s love smell his way. He was crying all night, wouldn’t eat and was driving Roger nuts. Hang in there Roger we got just a few weeks left.


Have a great weekend!

10 Replies to “Smelling Love In The Air”

  1. tylersat99

    Mica had no interest in breeding and luckily we had no intact males nearby. Buy it is frustrating getting through that time. There we so many things she loved to do during that time and could not 🙂

  2. My Golden Life

    Poor Riggs! Hang in there, boy.

    All of my girls – past and present – have been spayed so no worries here. But neither of my Mom’s first two poodles were spayed. I’m not sure about the third one (it was in the very early 70s).