Gonna Get That Feather

The Sand Spring Gang wasn’t only getting feathers in the field they were getting feathers in the lawn back at the farm house after the hunt.

Do I have something stuck to my lip?

I don’t know if you do Gambler but I think I do?

This one taste’s like a snow goose.

Let me try chewing it and get a better taste.

Maybe if I smell it I could tell who it is from.

na na I can’t figure it out.

Let’s take another taste.

Whoo wee look at all the feathers.

I gotcha.

Nom Nom Nom

Momma getting in on the feather action.

Come to momma.

How you like my mustache?

Jump jump jump to get the feathers.

Ah Guilty it’s over here.

Yup right here, momma’s got it.

You snooze you loose all the feather fun.

I had a great time and so did the dogs trying to catch a feather in the air.

Have a great day.

6 Replies to “Gonna Get That Feather”

  1. Jan K

    Such fun with feathers! I collect some of our guinea feathers (I’ve heard you can sell them but I’m not counting on getting rich from them – LOL), and I sometimes leave one on the kitchen counter, only to later come back and find Cricket chewing on it! Luke steals it off the counter, must lose interest, and then Cricket takes over. šŸ™‚