Kurgo Heather Dog Bench Seat Cover #chewyinfluencer

Kurgo Heather Dog Bench Seat Cover

Traveling with a clean or dirty dog this bench seat cover is for you!

Guilty the dirty dog and the Kurgo Heather Dog Bench Seat Cover.

With 4 Chesapeake Bay Retrievers that love to hunt, train and get dirty you need a reliable seat cover to protect your vehicle from all the grim they can bring in. The Kurgo Heather Dog Bench Seat Cover was delivered right to my door from Chewy.com.

Instructions on installing.

It comes with detailed instructions but really the seat cover is pretty self explanatory where you don’t need instructions and can easily install it.

Connects around the head rest to keep it in place.

Rigid plastic tubes to help keep the cover in place.

Since I left my old seat cover on my bench seat I put the rigid plastic tubes in the seat belt holes to help pull down on the cover and keep it in place.

Attaches around the bottom of the seat, behind the seat and openings for the seat belts.

You attach it around the back of the seat with a plastic buckle, it’s a universal fit cover that fit’s most bench seats. It was a very tight fit on my trucks bench seat as I have a 3500 crew cab with large seats. The cover fit nicely but the back strap when pulled tight did pop apart as my seat is too long which the box does state it measures up to 55 in wide. The cover stays in place without it being attached in my case.

Large pockets to store stuff.

  • Waterproof and stain-resistant bench seat cover protects upholstery from getting scratched and torn.
  • Five attachment points keep the cover in place, including under-seat and rear-of-seat for a secure fit.
  • Piped edges keep dirt and water from rolling off the cover and onto the carpeting.
  • Hook-and-loop openings allow for use of seatbelts, pet restraints and child car seat latches.
  • Two large pockets offer extra storage. Measures 55-inches wide, providing a universal fit for most vehicles.

Guilty and Riggs getting down and dirty.

Guilty and Riggs got down and dirty and then jumped in the truck to go for a ride.

Canvas type material that is waterproof.

I really like the material of the seat cover as it’s a canvas type material that is waterproof. The dirt collected on the seat so I used a small broom to sweep it right off, the big clumps of dirt didn’t get caught in the material or go underneath the material. I used a rag with a little water on it and was able to wipe the dirt right off.

Is it time to go for a ride?

The seat cover comes in your choice of charcoal or nutmeg. The one I am using is nutmeg.

Lifetime warranty.

Kurgo offers a lifetime warranty on this seat cover. I really like this seat cover better than the material one I had on my truck. The old seat cover stayed wet and the dirt got ground into it and when I would remove the cover all the dirt would be sitting on the vinyl seat. With the Kurgo seat cover you just sweep off the dirt and wipe off the water. A better way to keep your vehicle clean from your dirty dogs and protect the seat from their nails and fur.

Get on that computer and order yours today from Chewy.com. The Kurgo Heather Dog Bench Cover is on sale right now for $44.99 if you have an order over $49.00 you get free 1-2 day shipping.

*I was given one seat cover for a honest review*

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