29th Annual Badger Kennel Club Dog Fair

29th Annual Badger Kennel Club Dog Fair

On Sunday November 5th, 2017 The Pawlisch family along with Gambler and I attended the 29th Annual Badger Kennel Club Dog Fair.

On the road selfie.

Irene, Willow and I manning the booth.

Tom, Josey, Gambler and I greeting peeps.

Another pose of the dueling team.

Gambler enjoying his day.

Josey wondering why she had to hang with gman, he’s crazy!!

Tom waiting for the crowd to start coming to see the best breed ever.

Jada and Zara along with Kathy strutting their stuff.

Ready for the meet and greet and let the world know what the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is about.

My pal Ransom, I see him at work now I see him at the dog fair. A great representative of the Rott Breed.

The littles loving the treat basket and kisses from Gambler.

Does this spider make my face look scary??

Willow brushing in between peeps.

Our pal the mini chessie, emmy the Boykin Spaniel.

This was a memorable moment. This lady told us she wanted to get to know the chessies and feel them as she helps train service dogs and she was getting a chessie in to work with.

The hustle and bustle didn’t bother the dogs they laid down and took it all in.

Josey waiting patiently for a peep to come visit.

Rizzo the want to be chessie hanging out.

Two monkeys together!

The day was a big hit. We were there from 10-4 meeting and greeting all kinds of people. Young, old, people with walkers and wheelchairs we met them all. The dogs were model citizens as they should be since they have their Canine Good Citizen, Community Canine, Canine Good Citizen Urban and Therapy Dog titles. When the booth was slow one of us would take our dog and go walk around the fair checking out the other breeds and vendors along with all the rescue groups. There were demo’s of Agility and conformation going on as well as talks from a local Veterinarian and a cop from the K9 Unit. Before the end of the day the Chesapeakes went into the ring to show their stuff and have an announcer talk about the breed.

There were people who had chessies and currently have them now that stopped to talk and share their stories, there were people who had no idea what breed they were that we gave literature to and explained the breed to them. We were there under the American Chesapeake Club representing our breed the Chesapeake Bay Retriever. What a fun filled day it was.

Thanks to the Pawlisch family for donating their time with me for such a good cause.

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  1. Jan K

    What a good looking pair of dogs representing their breed! It looks like such a fun day. I love that bandana G-Man was wearing too!