The 47th Year

The 47th year starts today for me. I’ve waited and wondered for the past 23 & 21 years if I would make it to this year and even more so will I make it past the 47th year into and beyond the 48th year. You see both my parents passed away when they were 47 years old. Since their passing I’ve been living with this thought. It’s a thought that I think about each day and don’t take any day for granite.

When I was in my twenty’s of course I thought my parents were old. Everyone thinks that way, eh? I’m hear today to let you in on a secret so listen up you youngsters. 47 is not old. Old is a relative term and I believe you are as old as you feel or act. I don’t feel old at all and I sure don’t act old. I sit here and think about how 47 really is young and I can’t believe my parents died so young, I surely wouldn’t want to pass away now. They were just getting into the prime of their lives with the kids being gone from home and them having enough money to finally travel and do things that they wanted to do. That time was short lived but I am so glad they got to do the few things that they did. There are two things that crosses my mind when I am thinking about doing something or going somewhere’s is that you only live once and life if to darn short. You need to go out and make the best of it and enjoy each day, so that is what I do. If I want to travel I travel, if I want to buy something I buy something. You just never know when your time is up on this earth so go out and make it a great day!

My brother passed the 47th year hump a year and three quarters ago, so I shall to pass that hump. Stop back a year from now and find out. Until then Happy Birthday to me and I’ll be celebrating life to the fullest!




16 Replies to “The 47th Year”

  1. Emmadog

    It’s a different time we live in these days. With all the health advances, even if something comes up, there are often so many options. Think positive and you will be fine! Happy 47th year!

  2. Dana

    Very well said… I actually made the same comparisons when I reached the ages that my parents passed away and I thought the same – they were young – and there is so much more to see… Live life like each day is your last my friend !

  3. Jan K

    Happy Birthday, JoAnn!
    I can imagine how it feels to have that hanging over your head, and I’m also sorry you lost your parents at such a young age (I thought my Mom was too young at 65).
    Your brother made it and so will you! That is great advice about making the most of every day regardless, we should all do that. My hubby lost his only sister when she was too young too. Ever since then he has learned to live life that way and I try to as well.

  4. M. K. Clinton

    Happy birthday, JoAnn! I was thinking how young 47 is as I was reading your post. I am 11 years past that and still feel young. My knee doesn’t always agree but I’m not nearly through living. I’m sure you are just beginning the fun years!

  5. Taryn

    First, Happy Birthday! I, too, had those thoughts for years. My mother died at the age of 53 when I was just turned 12. All the years leading up to that age, I wondered and worried if I would make it to her age and then past it. I’m 58, so I am still trucking on! I felt the same way at 53. Holy sh!t, this is still so young, way too soon to check out. It gave me new insight into what my mother must have felt knowing she was dying of a terminal disease. I think losing parents who are still “young” has a profound effect on children. You and I aren’t the only ones I have heard from who worried about living past their parents’ age.

  6. easyweimaraner

    Happy Birthday to you!!! you are right, every day is a gidt and we should make the best of it ;o) it was my fathers birthday too and we celebrated with a cake fail and tea… even with a ruined cake we had a good day and I hope yours was speciasl and fabulous too…