No Turkey Here Just Beef #chewyinfluencer

Chewy White

Gambler is boycotting turkey this Thanksgiving. He thinks the turkeys should live on so he is eating Dr. Tim’s Natural Beef Liver Genuine Freeze-Dried Dog & Cat Treats instead for his snack on Turkey Day.


It’s 100% real, USDA-inspected beef liver pieces that are simply freeze-dried and nothing else, straight from Wisconsin. Aside from being very nutrient dense and an excellent source of high-quality protein, liver is rich in all the B vitamins (particularly B12), a terrific source of folate and the most concentrated source of vitamin A around. Iron, copper, zinc, CoQ10, purines…liver is the TKO of nutrition punches.

These treats are nice size chunks that break real easy to give smaller amounts.

Key Benefits:

  • 100% all real, USDA inspected beef liver pieces
  • Excellent source of high-quality protein
  • Rich in all the B vitamins (particularly B12), a terrific source of folate and the most concentrated source of vitamin A around
  • Great for treating, training reward or addition to the main meal
  • All the nutrition and flavor of raw meat without the mess!

Gambler gives these treats 4 paws up and if you want one treat for your dogs and cats this treat is for you!

Dr. Tim’s Freeze-dried treats come in many different varieties.

Dr. Tim’s Natural Beef Liver Genuine Freeze -Dried Dog & Cat Treats on sale right now at for $12.98 for an 6 oz container.

These treats are a big hit for me since they are sourced and made in Wisconsin!!


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What’s new at They now have autoship.

I was given one container of Dr. Tim’s Natural Beef Liver in exchange for a honest review from



7 Replies to “No Turkey Here Just Beef #chewyinfluencer”

  1. Emmadog

    These delicacies are incredible! I had them before and let Madison, our food snob, test them this time. She is ears over paws for them! Enjoy, they seem to not last very long.

  2. Pooch Smooches

    We get something similar but a different brand (Orijen I think?) for Rita and she loves them! (And she’s SUPER picky!) Will have to check out this brand. Love the hats! Hahaha. So cute.