Pheasant Hunt

This fall the Sand Spring gang has been doing a little bit of pheasant hunting on public Department Of Natural Resources land. Each year the WI DNR will raise pheasants to be released during the WI Pheasant season on their public land. We are fortunate to have public land close to our house so I take the gang often to try and get some birds. In WI you are allowed 2 rooster pheasants a day.

I will hunt multiple dogs at one time just because I want to get them all some exercise and we can cover more ground with more dogs. Usually if Gambler is out with others he is the bird hog and gets to the bird before the other dogs do. It doesn’t matter if he flushed up the bird or not he will mark the bird down and out run the others to it. Both Gambler and Glory got a bird this day when we were out hunting.

The season ends the end of December so hopefully we will get out and get some more birds.

3 Replies to “Pheasant Hunt”

  1. easyweimaraner

    it’s great to see the brown dawgs at work :o) …oh and Gambler can master a rifle? that means he will shoot da berds he retrieves later? wow… he is an all- in- one :O)))))

  2. Jan K

    When we first lived at our old house, and there were no houses yet on the land down below us, they used to stock pheasants there. There were usually a few survivors as we’d have pheasants at our bird feeder every winter! Then they slowly built more and more houses down there, so no more pheasant. 🙁