Guilty’s Hunts

Guilty is John’s go to dog this season when he goes out hunting. She is the youngest and lacks the years of hunting so he takes her so she can gain some experience. I’ve hunted with her when we go pheasant hunting and she is a cool dog to hunt with. She gives it her all and is coming along real nicely with her hunting.

She’s been out hunting morning doves, pheasants, ducks and geese. From the littlest of birds to the biggest of birds she doesn’t have a problem retrieving any of them. She is super excited to go hunting and pouts when she has to stay home and let the other dogs go.

It’s so nice to see such drive and hunting technique in a dog under two.

5 Replies to “Guilty’s Hunts”

  1. Emmadog

    I’m sure the more she matures, the better she will get. It’s never fun to be the dog who has to stay home when you know the others are going to do things you want to be doing.

  2. easyweimaraner

    BRAVO Guilty!!!! …can you still be outside with wearing t-shirts? wow!!!! I currently have a sweater, a cardigan and a blankie and nevertheless I feel like olaf the snowman…