Goose Hunts

In October Gambler and Glory got to go on some goose hunts. When we goose hunt we hunt corn fields. Once the corn is picked the geese like to land in the field to eat the kernels of corn that fall off while being picked. The night before the hunt we drive around to different fields and check out which ones the geese are feeding on. Once we find a field we talk to the farmer to see if we can hunt in that field the next morning. The geese will go back to the same field the next morning to feed again. They will keep going back until the corn is gone or they get scared off by the hunting pressure.

Here are some pictures of Gambler and his field hunt.

Here are some pictures of Glory on her field hunt.

What made these two hunts special is that they were done with my uncle Randy. Randy has owned his own business for over the past 45 years and just recently retired. When he owned his business he wasn’t able to hunt because he was always working so now that he is retired he is making the best of the hunting season by getting out there and hunting. We had a great time on each of these hunts. It’s always nice to hunt with family and your dogs.

5 Replies to “Goose Hunts”

  1. Emmadog

    Good for you! Please come here and hunt those nasty geese as we have far too many and they poop everywhere. It is disgusting. They are pretty, but not nice to have around.