Glory’s Birthday Prezzie

Glory didn’t get the typical Birthday present of toys and treats she got to go pheasant hunting. I think she much prefers this type of present.

In all her Glory with her first bird retrieved.

I have it mom, I bring it to you.

Flush and retrieve number two.

Third flush and retrieve.

Happy Birthday Glory.

Glory was pretty darn happy with her birthday prezzie. She left some pheasants for the others to share. She’s still going strong at 6 years old. I hope she has another 6+ years of going strong.

9 Replies to “Glory’s Birthday Prezzie”

  1. easyweimaraner

    Glory that#s a special way of “pick your gifts with your own paws”… I totally love it and I would like to go hunting with you… even when my hunting instinct is at -176 on a scale of one to ten….

  2. Beth

    Experiences are Barley’s favorite presents, too. We’re hoping for good enough weather that she can get a nice long solo hike for her birthday this weekend.