My Favorite Christmas Photos

I want to share a couple of my favorite Christmas photos with you today.

Josey and her ribbons.

This is the best decorated Christmas tree! Josey who is a Sand Spring Chesapeake Glory and Thunder 2015 pup sitting in front of her Christmas tree decorated with her ribbons she has gotten over the past 2 years. Lovely very Lovely!

Gambler’s sister YO-YO

This is a Christmas card that I got that features YO-YO (right) and her side kick Poacher. YO-YO is a Norman and Fatty 2011 pup, she is also Gambler’s sister and she is always into mischief just like Gambler. This is one of the best Christmas themed setup’s of Santa and his reindeer! Of course YO-YO and Poachers are big waterfowl hunters so only appropriate this is their Christmas card.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I so enjoyed spending the holiday season checking out all the beautiful photos of the brown curly dogs next to their Christmas trees.

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