New Pet Therapy Books

Sand Spring Chesapeakes pet therapy team received some new pet therapy books from our dear friend Tracy who is a reading teacher. She follows along with the adventures of Sand Spring and loves the pet therapy work that we do. She knows how much of a difference the dogs make in children’s lives. I don’t have children and don’t know much about children’s books so you can only imagine how excited I was when I received some books in the mail.

5 new books.

It just so happened that I placed a Thirty One order with my friend Teresa who is a Thirty One consultant and my bags arrived the same time I got the books. I got the medium utility tote engraved it with Sand Spring Chesapeakes filled it and everything fit perfect.

My new Thirty One bag.

I also got the double duty caddy that will hold all my small stuff, it fits right into my utility tote. I can keep everything organized now.

Double Duty Caddy

I took my new bags and books and off we went for a R.E.A.D therapy visit. We headed to Fall River Middle School to meet up with a couple of second and third graders. Gambler was my co-pilot for the visit.

The reader today was a girl and she picked out Madeline Finn and the Library Dog.

Gambler laid down and listened very carefully to the story.

She would take a moment to pet Gambler.

Gambler had to lean in as she was reading to him about a dog that was a R.E.A.D dog and a girl was reading to him in school and this girl said “she is reading to him just like I am reading to you”. It was a very cute story and she so enjoyed reading it to Gambler and told him so.

Gambler was hoping she would take a break and give him a little kissy or more like it a treat.

I can’t thank Tracy enough for thinking of us and being our therapy supporters.

Right now Thirty One is having a customer appreciation sale going on until 1/14. If you are in need of anything you can order through my friend Teresa by clicking on her link Thirty One.


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  1. Tails Around the Ranch

    Totally love that tote and with the inside organizer, it’s even more terrific! I’ll poke around on the website and see if there’s something that could organize me. Though I doubt they offer a staff. LOL


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