New Year Pheasant Guide For Gambler And Guilty

The gang took December off from any pheasant guides at Loan Oak Shooting Preserve in Montello, WI. The past two weeks we have had sub zero temperatures so the gang runs out to potty and then they come right back in. Stay out any longer and they hold their paws up. To say they are stir crazy is putting it mildly.

Gambler and Guilty were the guide dogs on Sunday. Glory had to stay home since we bred her in December and still haven’t found out if she is preggers or not we decided it was best she stay home and rest. There were 5 guys so Gambler and I took three of them while John and Guilty took the other two. Since I had the camera Gambler got the most pictures taken of him. I was able to catch one photo of Guilty.

The hunt was from 8 to 12 pm. The temperature was finally in the twenty’s, it was still cold but when you were walking and the dogs were running doing something they love to do they didn’t have a problem with the cold. Gambler and Guilty both caught a couple pheasants on their own. They said they didn’t need any guns. They both did an excellent job for the hunters who at the end of the hunt ended up with 31 birds.

A great day was had by all!

Want to book a hunt contact:


N 3976 Hwy C.

Montello, WI 53949

Call 608-297-7104

4 Replies to “New Year Pheasant Guide For Gambler And Guilty”

  1. Emmadog

    You all need to get some boots on to go out. We don’t mind the sub zero temps if we are wearing our PAWZ. Of course, 10 mins is enough time outdoors, but we still go out more often and have fun. Looks like a super fun hunt!

  2. Jan K

    The weather has been brutal, hasn’t it? We totally understand how great it must have felt to finally get out there! I hope you are now getting the more consistently warmer weather like we are, so you can get out some more.

  3. easyweimaraner

    wow that was fabulous what you got even in that siberian cold… will you have pheasant roast tonight? if please don’t use the recipe of the mama or you will get a rubber berd LOL


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