MK And Her Poop Box #chewyinfluencer

Chewy White

Ding dong calling, if you have multiple cats and are looking for a litter that has immediate odor control then you came to the right place.

40# bag of litter

At you can order your cat litter and have it delivered right to your door. This is so nice when you want a big bag of litter and want the hassle of going to the store, lifting it into your cart, out of your cart to put it in your car then handle it one more time when you get home and need to carry it into your house. Let and the fed ex guy do all the work for you. All you need to do is carry it to your litter box and dump it in, easy peasy.

Litter boxes all cleaned ready for their new litter.

Frisco Scented Multi-Cat Clumping Litter is a natural clay litter that gives around-the-clock odor control for multi-cat households. Special odor-neutralizing technology fights strong ammonia odors instantly, and each swipe of the paw releases a fresh, clean scent. With Frisco’s hard-clumping litter, you can easily scoop out the box and dispose of the clumps without making a mess. This low-dust formula has a natural, dirt-like texture that’s perfectly soft on tender kitty paws. And because it’s low-tracking, you won’t be spending all your time cleaning up litter trails. Frisco scented litter features a light, soft fragrance that won’t overwhelm your space, because it’s activated when your kitty touches the litter and gets down to business. It’s ideal for homes with multiple cats and can be used in both traditional and mechanical litter boxes. ~Chewy

Doing the sniff test.

Cat’s are funny creatures, they like certain things and they don’t like certain things, it’s a trial and error method to find out what your cat prefers. Doesn’t your cat like scented litter or does it like no scent. Some cats will pee outside the litter box if the litter has too much perfume in it. So far I haven’t had any litter box aversions with MK. This bag of litter is fresh scented for multi cat households. I only have one cat but wanted to smell the litter myself to see how much scent was in it. It was a very subtle scent. Not overpowering at all and that is what you want in a litter.

MK wanted her face blurred for the picture since she was taking a poop.

  • Frisco’s scented litter is the perfect option for households with multiple cats so you can avoid unpleasant litter box odors.
  • Every swipe of the paw releases a fresh, clean scent as the unique deodorizing system neutralizes offensive smells.
  • This litter forms solid clumps that you can easily scoop and dispose of without making a mess around the litter box.
  • Special formula eliminates strong ammonia smells for around-the-clock odor control and its light fragrance is activated when your cat moves the litter and when you remove clumps from the litter box.
  • Low-dust, low-tracking formula has a dirt-like feel, so it’s soft on the paws, and helps keep litter from forming trails around the house. ~Chewy

MK making sure that came out of her.

Since I was right there taking pictures when she was using the litter box I got to witness that the doody was low odor. I didn’t get a horrible poop smell when she went.

Covering up my doody.

The litter wasn’t offensive so she stayed in there and covered up her doody. If the cat doesn’t like the texture or like the smell they will poop and pee outside the box.

Low tracking litter.

Just as MK came out of the litter box I looked on the ground and only found a couple pieces of litter. I grabbed her and looked at her feet and no litter stuck to her feet.

This litter is a clumping litter, once the urine hits the litter it will form a clump. The clump stays together and isn’t hard to get off the bottom of the litter box so no little pee globs left behind. It cleans out really well.

MK has no issues with this litter.

I’ve used this litter for a week now and still no complaints. I can’t smell her litter boxes at all.

Give Chewy a call to reorder.

Chewy put this sticker on the bag to remind you that you can order 24/7. Frisco has scoopable scented and unscented litter as well as an all natural grass clumping litter. The litter is on sale right now at $12.19 a 40# bag.


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What’s new at They now have autoship.

I was given one bag of Frisco scoopable cat litter in exchange for a honest review from


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  1. M. K. Clinton

    Cat litter has improved by leaps and bounds since I had cats. There is nothing more offensive than a stinky litter box in someone’s home. It looks as if you and MK have it covered so to speak. Haha!

  2. easyweimaraner

    e n’aime pas voir les gens souffrir.wsome review! maybe that is the better option for us. we use it for the car and we currently have a horrible stuff what caused a huge mess….

  3. Jan K

    Low tracking….now that is a nice feature! We use a different more natural brand for Sam, and I like it because it doesn’t smell, but she tracks a lot around! One thing I can’t stand is a real perfume-y litter that has a cloying scent. This sounds like it has many good features.


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