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Chewy White

Ding dong calling, Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Dog Chew Toy.

Glory and Guilty waiting to try out the Benebone Bacon Flavored Chew Toy.

Benebone’s Wishbone Chew isn’t your dog’s average chew toy. Made with real bacon and durable nylon, the ergonomic wishbone will keep your dog chewing and each prong has deep flavor grooves to keep him interested. As if that wasn’t enough, with your purchase you’ll also be supporting animal welfare nationwide as a portion of all Benebone sales are donated to animal support organizations! ~Chewy

Glory is upset that Guilty gets to try it out first.

  • Made of super-strong nylon and food-grade bacon
  • Deep grooves and ergonomically curved allows pups to get a good bite and increased surface area for improved scent and Flavor
  • No artificial flavor
  • With your purchase you’ll also be supporting animal welfare nationwide as a portion of all Benebone sales are donated to animal support organizations!
  • Benebone is best suited for dogs under 70 pounds

Glory getting a taste of the bacon.

Glory dug right in to the Benebone bacon flavored chew toy, she was able to hold it right between her paws and get a good grip on it so she could chew away.

Gambler trying it out.

Gambler took another approach to the chew toy, he put the wishbone ends down and chewed on the handle.

Yum, bacon!

The whole gang thought the bacon flavoring was something they must try out, they aren’t big chewers unless it’s a real bone, they all chew on it and carry it around like a toy. They have to have something in their mouths so they grab this when trucking around the house, if they feel the need to chew they lay down and give it a chew. Works great as a chewy and a toy. What I like about this is when summer comes they can still chew on it and it won’t stink up the house or make a mess like real bones do. Another thing I like about it is that Benebone sales are donated to animal support organizations.

A name we will continue to have in our household.

Benebone comes in three different sizes mini, regular and jumbo. They are on sale right now $11.59 for the regular size at 

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I was given one benebone in exchange for a honest review from


5 Replies to “Benebone #chewyinfluencer”

  1. easyweimaraner

    oh that sounds like a bone for me!!!! …although the mama giggled and said the shape reminds her of something different…. I think not I need a bath but her to clean her mind from such thoughts ;O)))

  2. Jan K

    Luke has had these before and he really liked them. Cricket was never interested though, but she’s never been much of a chewing dog, she likes her treats to be fast and crunchy. LOL