A Year and A Month in Review

A Year and A Month in Review

My year in review starts back in December 14, 2016 when John and I drove to Eau Clair, WI to pick up Riggs one of our puppies out of Glory and Thunder’s 2015 litter. Rigg’s current family at the time couldn’t keep him because of unforeseen circumstances. They tried and tried and finally made the call to me to help them out. We gladly welcomed Riggs back home to Sand Spring Chesapeakes. Riggs was 17 months at the time and still intact, being that we have Gambler who is intact as well and has a case of short man syndrome our best friend and neighbor Roger agreed to house Riggs and have him be his dog and a co-owner with us. Riggs former family still follows along with Riggs adventures and we are still friends, they will always be the reason for Riggs great upbringing.

A couple weeks later we got a call that Preacher needed to come back home as she wasn’t working out in her new home, there was personality conflicts between the two girls that lived together so on Christmas eve Preacher came back to live with us again. All our pups are welcome back home, we hope that they won’t be coming back home but sometimes things don’t work out like we hope and we need to do what is right and take responsibility for the lives we helped put on this earth. We had a full Christmas with Grandma Nellie, Glory, Gambler, Preacher, Guilty and MK all living at our house.

We all rang in the New Year of 2017 together. 2017 brought many ups and a few downs. The winter wasn’t a terrible one so we were able to get out and do some hunt test training. Riggs only had obedience work done with him so at 17 months we had to start out from scratch. Roger along with John and I tackled his training, since we were training him we trained Guilty at the same time since she is 6 months younger. Riggs really wanted to please and was doing really well with his training. Once the weather got nicer and the pond opened up it was time to see what he would do in the water. He hadn’t swum as a little puppy so it took some time for him to figure out the water and now he is like a fish.

February 12th Guilty received her UKC Show Champion title under judge Barbara Burns. Host club was the WI Boston Terrier Association held in Ixonia, WI. She was just a week over her first birthday.

March 9th, Guilty received her Alliance of Therapy Dogs and her R.E.A.D (Reading Educated Assistance Dog) certification. Guilty is doing therapy work at Beaver Dam and Fall River Middle School.

In March Preacher received her UKC Top Ten status certificates as well as her invitation to perform at the UKC Premier this coming June in the Top Ten Breed and Dog Standing show.

Grandma Nellie turned 12 in October of 2016. Over the winter she was having troubles with her back legs. She was showing neurological signs. She would crisscross her back legs, they would go out on her and she would fall over, she wasn’t able to jump on the bed like she could in the past she was slowly going downhill. Her mind was still all there so you could see her give it her all until the night of March 14th,when I got home from work and John let the gang out to meet me in the garage she ran out to meet me and then she just stood there and wouldn’t move. She stared at me and I could tell by the look in her eyes that there was something wrong with her. She was a little old lady telling me her time was up. We spend the next day loving on each other and the night she spent loving on John. They said their goodbyes as I knew when I took her to work with me the next day March 16th,  that we would run some tests but I knew in my heart she wouldn’t be coming home. It turned out that she had a heart base tumor and it was bleeding making it hard for her to breath. It was time for her to be at peace. She was an amazing dog, mother, grandmother and best friend. She was our first breeding bitch and gave us 3 wonderful litters. She taught us so much about raising puppies, hunting and living life to the fullest. She will forever be our turd.

May 13-14th Momma Glory came out of retirement for the Dodge County Canine Club show to show in the champion class for a chance to get a leg towards her grand champion title and she took Best Of Breed at one of the shows to receive one leg out of 5 for her title.

In June Guilty received her AKC Therapy Dog Novice title and her Canine Good Citizen title. She completed 10 therapy visits for her title.

Guilty attended the 2017 UKC Premier in Kalamazoo, MI. She tried her paw at lure coursing where she ended the course too early so didn’t receive any passes, she did receive her United Novice Jumper title completing 5 jumps in the novice level. She also won Best Of Breed in one of the dog shows she attended, with that win she got one pass towards her grand champion title and a spot in the top ten breed and dog standing.

Gambler received his AKC Trick Dog Novice and Intermediate titles.

July 30th Sand Spring Lethal Weapon JH “Riggs” received his AKC Junior Hunter title. Host club was the Wisconsin Amateur Field Trial Club, his judges were Richards Andrews and Carol Greenwald.

Then in August Riggs received his UKC HRC Started Title. He went 4 for 4 on his tests. Host club was Muddy Waters HRC.

August 22nd Riggs passed his AKC Canine Good Citizen test while Guilty passed her AKC Community Canine and Urban tests. Gambler and Glory both passed their Canine Good Citizen Urban test.

Over Labor Day weekend Guilty and I set off for Madison Retriever Clubs fall hunt test. She needed one more pass for her AKC Junior Hunter title which she pulled off. She is now UNJ UCH Sand Spring Guilt By Association JH THDN CGCU.

Preacher left our home for her forever home with George and Susie. John and I have known George forever through our trapping and selling of hides. George is retried now and was looking for a chessie. We told him about Preacher he came and hung out with her and took her home. She has been living the life as an only dog, she has been to North Dakota hunting, up north hunting, hunting on the Mississippi river, fishing with George, going to church with George, she spends all her time right by his side. I couldn’t of asked for a better home, I am happy she and George have each other.

Riggs received his UKC Conformation Champion title on September, 11 2017 at Central Wisconsin Kennel Club. This weekend there were 4 UKC shows, Riggs needed to get BOB in three of the shows in which he did. Judges for the shows were Dr. Bev Siglfelten, Jeanne Heger, and Stanley Matsumoto. Under judge Stanley Riggs received a Group 4 out of 7 dogs in the Gun Dog group. Riggs was handled by Tom Pawlisch

The end of September Guilty and Riggs took their American Temperament Test, both passed with middle of the road scores. They have even temperament. “A Sound Mind In A Sound Body”. With Labor Day brings the beginning of the school year so our pet therapy starts up as well. Each session I rotate out the dogs. Gambler, Glory and Guilty all have their titles so I take one each time. I took Glory a few extra times this fall as I knew she would be coming into heat later in the winter and we would be breeding her so she wouldn’t be able to do therapy. Gambler has started back up with the Beaver Dam Middle school kids. He is in one room this year, I have just taken Gambler so far as the kids that need the pet therapy have requested just Gambler come visit as it will help them with consistency.  I figure any way I can help these kids make it through the day we will do. I’ve visited some of these kids for 4 years, it’s nice to see the changes in the kids and know that Gambler is helping them out.

This fall once again we packed up our gear and headed off to Saskatchewan, Canada to snow goose hunt. We took all three dogs, this year I hunted with Guilty all week and John had both Gambler and Glory one on each side during hunting. I had a lot of fun with Guilty, this was my first-year hunting with her as John hunted with her last year. We had a successful hunt, made many new memories with our friends that go with us and we got to hunt with one of Nellie’s puppies again. Pearl who turned 10 on Christmas this year hunted with us again and she did an awesome job for a senior gal. Nellie made the trip with us, she hunted with Guilty and I and on our last day of hunting some of her remains stayed behind in the field we hunted. She also was laid to rest in Kerrie’s flower garden. It was her final flight. Part of her and her father Norman are in a place that we will all ways cherish.

We spent the fall hunting and guiding with our dogs at Lone Oak Pheasant Preserve. The dogs loved being able to hunt pheasants with others. The clients loved hunting with dogs that would flush and retrieve, we all had a great time.

Glory came into heat this fall/winter just like we knew she would. I had spent many months researching stud dogs. We made a decision on who we were going to use so we put our ducks in a row and when it was time for the breeding to take place there was an unfortunate turn of events with the stud dogs semen sample so we needed to come up with another stud quickly. When your bitch is in heat there is a small window of time when things need to get done correctly. We decided we would do a repeat breeding with Bear (Guilty’s dad), a surgical insemination was done on December 13th. Everything went according to text book just like it did in 2015 when we did the exact same breeding, it wasn’t until a week later that things went aray and we would be left wondering if this pregnancy would take place. Glory had a reaction and got an infection next to the surgical incision which is assumed to be from the extender in the frozen semen sample. She needed to be sedated and a drain was placed by her mammary glands to drain the fluid that has accumulated. A couple trips were made during this time to have ultrasounds done to make sure she didn’t have a pyometra. She was put on antibiotics and is healing up really well. We won’t know until the second week of January if the pregnancy took so as we come to the last day of this year we hope to close out the teary days and enter into 2018 with smiles, relief, good heath and little brown furry ones.

Thank you to all who follow Sand Spring Chesapeakes, those who support us and share in our happy moments and are there for the sad moments. Life is about ups and downs and without friends and family it would be a lot harder to get through the days so we thank you and love you all. May you all have a blessed and healthy New Year!

Josey’s New Title RO3



HR U-CH Sand Spring No Gut’s No Glory SH THDN CGCU TT


HR CH SRR’s North Point Thunder Bay SH WDQ CGC

2015 litter

On the weekend of October 14-15, 2017 Josey received her RO3 title, 10 UROC points, 39 RO1 All Star points with the UKC (United Kennel Club), host club was Bark River Dog Club. Congrats to Tom and Josey for a job well done!


Riggs’s First Pheasants And Ducks

This hunting season Riggs is having a lot of firsts. As you know we got Riggs in December of last year after hunting season was already over. Riggs didn’t do any hunting until he came back to us. We started out training him for hunt tests, entered him in hunt tests where he received his AKC Junior Hunter and UKC Started Retriever title this past summer. Now that we are done training for hunt tests we are off hunting. Riggs has gone waterfowl hunting a few times and pheasant hunting a few more times. Here are pictures of his first birds.

Riggs pheasants.

Riggs ducks.

He really enjoys getting out and hunting and is doing a really great job at it. The hunting season is still going on so there is time for him to get more birds.

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29th Annual Badger Kennel Club Dog Fair

29th Annual Badger Kennel Club Dog Fair

On Sunday November 5th, 2017 The Pawlisch family along with Gambler and I attended the 29th Annual Badger Kennel Club Dog Fair.

On the road selfie.

Irene, Willow and I manning the booth.

Tom, Josey, Gambler and I greeting peeps.

Another pose of the dueling team.

Gambler enjoying his day.

Josey wondering why she had to hang with gman, he’s crazy!!

Tom waiting for the crowd to start coming to see the best breed ever.

Jada and Zara along with Kathy strutting their stuff.

Ready for the meet and greet and let the world know what the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is about.

My pal Ransom, I see him at work now I see him at the dog fair. A great representative of the Rott Breed.

The littles loving the treat basket and kisses from Gambler.

Does this spider make my face look scary??

Willow brushing in between peeps.

Our pal the mini chessie, emmy the Boykin Spaniel.

This was a memorable moment. This lady told us she wanted to get to know the chessies and feel them as she helps train service dogs and she was getting a chessie in to work with.

The hustle and bustle didn’t bother the dogs they laid down and took it all in.

Josey waiting patiently for a peep to come visit.

Rizzo the want to be chessie hanging out.

Two monkeys together!

The day was a big hit. We were there from 10-4 meeting and greeting all kinds of people. Young, old, people with walkers and wheelchairs we met them all. The dogs were model citizens as they should be since they have their Canine Good Citizen, Community Canine, Canine Good Citizen Urban and Therapy Dog titles. When the booth was slow one of us would take our dog and go walk around the fair checking out the other breeds and vendors along with all the rescue groups. There were demo’s of Agility and conformation going on as well as talks from a local Veterinarian and a cop from the K9 Unit. Before the end of the day the Chesapeakes went into the ring to show their stuff and have an announcer talk about the breed.

There were people who had chessies and currently have them now that stopped to talk and share their stories, there were people who had no idea what breed they were that we gave literature to and explained the breed to them. We were there under the American Chesapeake Club representing our breed the Chesapeake Bay Retriever. What a fun filled day it was.

Thanks to the Pawlisch family for donating their time with me for such a good cause.

American Temperament Test Society

American Temperament Test Society

“A sound mind in a sound body”

About Canine Temperament

Because of breed-specific dog legislation and negative publicity associated with many breeds of dogs, temperament testing has assumed an important role for today’s dog fancier. The ATTS Temperament Test provides breeders a means for evaluating temperament and gives pet owners insight into their dog’s behavior. It can have an impact on breeding programs and in educating owners about their dog’s behavioral strengths and weaknesses as well as providing a positive influence on dog legislation.

What is temperament?

W. Handel, German Police Dog Trainer, in his article, “The Psychological Basis of Temperament Testing,” defines temperament as:

“the sum total of all inborn and acquired physical and mental traits and talents which determines, forms and regulates behavior in the environment”

The ATTS test focuses on and measures different aspects of temperament such as stability, shyness, aggressiveness, and friendliness as well as the dog’s instinct for protectiveness towards its handler and/or self-preservation in the face of a threat. The test is designed for the betterment of all breeds of dogs and takes into consideration each breed’s inherent tendencies.

The test simulates a casual walk through the park or neighborhood where everyday life situations are encountered. During this walk, the dog experiences visual, auditory and tactile stimuli. Neutral, friendly and threatening situations are encountered, calling into play the dog’s ability to distinguish between non-threatening situations and those calling for watchful and protective reactions. *ATTS website

To start the test your dog needs to be on a 6 foot leash with a flat collar, no training devices can be used. You walk to each station without talking or correcting your dog. You complete a station and you are asked by the chief tester to continue on to the next station.

You are asked to come onto the field to start the test, before you start the chief tester and the testers have a brief meeting to discuss the application you filled out, on the application it asked what events your dogs had done and if any titles and your dogs disposition and health. Each breed is tested differently so they go over that breeds criteria.

Once they are done with their discussion then you are asked to start the test.

Station #1 – Neutral Station: I was at this station so I didn’t get any pictures. I’m a pretty neutral person, eh? I was actually chosen to be at this first station because of my work and experience with dogs. I was to get a feel for the dog first off so that if I picked up on anything or got mixed signals from the dog I could alert the next person in line to be careful with the dog. Luckily all the dogs were great and showed me no signs of being wary of them. The neutral stranger walked up to the person ignoring the dog, shook hands had a brief conversation and then sat back down.

Station #2 – Friendly Stranger:

The friendly stranger came up and approached the dog and started petting it and talking to it.

Station #3 – Hidden noise: A person behind a blind shakes a bucket with rocks in it as the dog is approaching and then sets the bucket on the outside of the blind so the dog could look into it.

Station #4- Gunshots: The handler stops at the station with their back to it and waits for the gunshots.

Station #5 – Umbrella: You walk up to this station and a person opens an umbrella and you keep on walking and the dog should go and check out the umbrella.

Station #6 – Plastic footing: You have your dog walk across a strip of plastic.

Station #7 – Wire footing: Your dog walks across a wire fence (ex-pen) that is laying flat on the ground.

Station #8 – Non threatening: A weird stranger comes out from behind a blind mumbling softly.

Station #9 – Threatening: The weird stranger walks closer to you talking loudly.

Station #10 – Aggression: The weird stranger gets really aggressive with his words, tone of voice and has a whip stick that he is snapping.

At the end of the test the handler will receive a critique of the test and will be told if they passed or failed. If they passed a certificate will be mailed out to them.

This was Roxann and her dog Lobo that took the test while I took pictures of them at each station. Lobo did great and passed. Thank you Roxann for being my blog post test subject.

Guilty and Riggs were the Sand Spring dogs that I took. They both scored evenly right down the middle of the score sheet meaning they have an even temperament which is a good thing. They passed the test.


Riggs made the testers laugh, when he was at the gunshot station he started squatting to take a pee, he was peeing when the gunshot went off and he continued to pee until he was done then he turned around to see what he should be fetching up.


Guilty’s highlight of the test was when she came upon the umbrella she was like yea whatever my mom used to open these things when I was a little puppy and she sat down in front of it and stared off into space waiting for some birds to fly on by.

I enjoyed working this test because I got to watch how each dog completed the test. Thanks to Canine Solutions LLC for hosting this event and to the club members that volunteered their time to help make this a successful day I thank you all.




Josey’s 2 Year CERF Exam

Josey (Glory and Thunder 2015 pup) went to the UW Veterinary School in Madison, WI on Monday September 18, 2017 to have her second year CERF exam done on her eyes. This was a worrisome day for me as a breeder because if you have been following along you know that Preacher who is Josey’s sister came down with cataracts when she was CERF’ed at 8 months of age. If you didn’t see the post you can read about it here. After we found out about Preacher we took Josey for her first CERF exam in which she passed, she had no signs of cataracts. So the wait began to see if any would develop as she got older as juvenile cataracts can appear between 6-18 months of age.

Outside the UW Vet School in Madison, WI.

Waiting for her appointment.

Waiting for the ophthalmologist.

Josey got a clean bill of heath on her CERF exam, a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders as she should be out of the woods for developing juvenile cataracts as she is nearing 27 months of age. This was the best news I got. Tom had a great experience at the UW Veterinary School. Josey needed sun glasses when she left the building not only because the sun was shining bright but because Tom was as well.

Riggs New Camera Subject

Finally I got myself a new camera after my old one decided it didn’t want to work anymore. I didn’t want to buy a new camera but wanted a bigger better camera so I bit the bullet and got one just in time for my annual trip to Saskatchewan. I of course had to try out the camera and Riggs was my first new camera subject. I got a Nikon D5300 with a new 18-200mm lens. The camera has different settings on it than my old Nikon and has higher iso settings so hopefully I can take some early morning pictures when hunting. Riggs was eager to have his photo taken, he is a pro.

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Junior Handlers Sophia And Willow

When we were at the Central Wisconsin Kennel Club UKC conformation show held September 9-10, 2017 in Amherst, WI Tom and Irene signed their two girls Sophia and Willow up to be junior handlers for each show which happened to be two shows each day.

When we go to competitions you can bet some props will be pulled out and some fun being had.

Saturday’s fun:

Captain Poopie Pants.

The poop hat was brought out for some laughs. The girls are such good sports and go along with anything that they encounter (adults being crazy).

Willow and Glory.

This club’s order of showing was different than other clubs we have been at, usually the junior handlers compete first followed by puppies and then the regular group classes. Puppies were first then it was the junior handlers. There wasn’t a ring steward or line up list so it was a bit confusing to know when you were suppose to be in the ring. The judge called the numbers out for the ones that were suppose to be showing in the ring. Willow who was showing Glory was in Novice Junior Handler (8-13 yrs) so she entered the ring first along with a gal that was showing a Aussie. After they showed it was now Sophia’s turn with Guilty in Novice Senior Junior Handler (13-18 yrs) class. The judge called one girl into the ring and started watching her handle her dog while Sophia stood by the entrance to the ring awaiting her turn. We were wondering why Sophia wasn’t called into the ring but there was no ring steward to ask. After the judge was done judging the other girl and when she came back to the table Tom asked her when Sophia was going into the ring. The judge looked in her book and said she wasn’t entered, when in fact she was entered. After searching it was found out that her name and number was listed in small print above a line which was hard to see. Since the judge already judged the class she couldn’t judge Sophia. The look on Sophia’s face was heartbreaking to her parents and to Sophia herself. This was her first dog show and she was super excited to do something new. Usually when we are at dog shows the adults show and the kids hang out and be our pit crew so this time it was their time to have some fun and have us be the pit crew. The judge was very apologetic and felt bad that the error occurred but  it was out of her hands. It was now up to us to make sure she wasn’t missed for the second show.

Sophia and Guilty.

The second show was a new judge and again no ring steward. The one gal got called into the ring with her St. Bernard then it was time for Sophia to get called in and we waited and waited and nothing happened so Tom spoke up and the judge finally saw her name and called her in. She got to take Guilty around the ring and she did a great job!

The girls and their ribbons.

Sophia received a  second place in the second show. Willow received a first, second and a reserve winner in one of the shows. They were happy, I was so proud to see the girls handling my girls in the ring. They did an excellent job with only one day of practice with my dogs.

Just hanging.

Sunday’s fun:

The baby head made an appearance.

For Sunday’s show the baby head made an appearance, there were some American Flags, hats and craw-fish hats that came along too. The best hat was the Mexican cheese hat that Irene got at a gas station along the way.

Group photo.

Don’t we look like a fun group of people to be around? One thing that happened at this show which I couldn’t believe happened was that when Willow was wearing her crab hat she got told by an adult that she shouldn’t be wearing that as it could scare the dogs! Willow was crush as she had no idea nor did we that she would get told that. She was about having fun and her fun got shot down. The dogs at the dog shows should be taught proper socialization but I guess there are some show dogs that the owners don’t ever let them leave their crates in fear that their fur will get damaged or messed up so those dogs aren’t used to the surrounding things. That’s those peoples problem not ours and it shouldn’t infringe on our fun.This world would be a better place if people would just relax and have fun.

Willow and Glory.

Sophia and Riggs.

The second day of showing wasn’t any more organized then the first day. There was a list telling the order of the show but there was still no ring steward and a different junior handler got missed this day. Willow showed Glory again they are in-sync with each other now and Sophia showed Riggs. Riggs was a handful and had a bee in his bonnet this day, thinking it was because the hurry up and wait on getting into the ring and he was just plain bored and of course a young dog so he wanted to do something instead of just wait.

When you are a junior handler the judge asks you questions about the breed of dog you are showing so Willow and Sophia had to be up on the traits of the Chesapeake. They also were asked where different body parts were on the dogs. The girls were also asked this weekend to show other breeds in the regular classes. They showed Toy Fox Terriers and American Bulldog. They got different handling of dog techniques this weekend.

The judge asked Willow where the Chesapeake originated, she answered America, the judge said “your wrong it originated in Canada”. Will gave her a strange look and said “I don’t think so” and then the judge said “oh yea your right, I’m getting my dogs confused”. It was a laugh for the day!


Sophia received a first and second for showing Riggs while Willow received a first and a reserve again for showing Glory.

Despite the disorganized show and ring disappointment it turned out to be a great weekend. You have to look past the small stuff and focus on the big picture, we all learned something during this show and hanging out with friends was the best part.

Just wear a Mexican cheese hat and keep calm.


Sand Springs Newest UKC Champion

Let me introduce you to our newest UKC Champion: SHR U-CH Sand Spring Lethal Weapon JH CGC “Riggs” finished his championship yesterday at the Central Wisconsin Kennel Club, he also placed 4th in the Gun Dog group with 7 dogs. Handler was Tom Pawlisch owners Roger Glasgow and JoAnn Stancer

A huge thanks to Tom for handling Riggs for each of his Best Of Breed wins to complete his UKC Show Championship.

Riggs is out of our Glory and 2browndawgs Thunder 2015 litter.

Peace and love to the families of 9/11.

Josey’s OFA Hips And Elbows

RATN CA USJ RO2 U-GRCH Sand Spring Outlaw SPOT CGCU RN RATN THDN TKI – Josey received her OFA Hips and Elbow results this weekend. The certificates came in the mail, when opened owner’s Tom and Irene were super happy when they read the results. Josey got a excellent hip rating and a normal elbow rating. Can’t get better than that!

Josey’s Health Clearances:







I couldn’t be more proud as a breeder that one of my puppies I produced followed in her momma’s paw prints and has a excellent hip rating.

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