Glory’s Surgical AI December 2017 Part 1

After Glory’s last litter went home in April of 2016 I started planning her next litter. There are many months of research, thinking and decision making that go into a breeding. We decided we would do the breeding when Glory came into season the fall/winter of 2017. Glory has all her health clearances done that are one time tests including radiographs of her hips and elbows, DM, EIC, PRA, Long Coat genetic tests. The only test she needed repeated and repeated each year we breed Glory is her CERF eye exam. In March of 2017 we had that eye test done and she came back with a clear exam. The many months were spent researching a suitable stud dog. I found the stud dog I wanted to use, he had his clearances the only thing I needed to know was if he was fertile. I was going to use a stud dog that was never bred before. He went through testing to check his fertility. Some concerns came up with the semen analysis a few months before the breeding. When Glory came into season the wheels started turning fast. I needed to know that the potential stud dog’s semen was good enough for a breeding so another semen analysis was done at that time it was discovered that he had an infection that might hinder a successful pregnancy so I needed to make some major decisions if I was going to go with this stud dog or quickly find another one. After thinking of all my options we decided to use another stud dog. Finding another stud dog doesn’t just happen like that when we are talking we have a week to pull this off, so we decided to do a repeat breeding with the stud dog we used in 2016, which is Lzy Mtn Piper’s 3-D Brown Bear MH.

We knew this breeding was going to be a surgical insemination so we needed to start progesterone testing on Glory. The seventh day of her heat cycle I took her in for her first progesterone test, she of course was low but we needed a baseline and to start somewhere’s. I took her back three days later and she was moving up, since she was getting closer we needed to repeat the progesterone the following day which proved she had just ovulated. Glory was at day 11 of her heat cycle and the results of the test were 5.76 ng/ml. It has been proven that when a canines progesterone reaches 5 ng/ml they have ovulated, since Glory was at 5.76 we knew she ovulated earlier in the day and when doing a surgical insemination you want to inseminate the semen when the eggs are mature. It can take 2-3 days from ovulation for the eggs to mature so the surgical insemination was set up for Wednesday December, 13th 2017. The procedure was going to be done at Veterinary Village the reproduction clinic that does all my dogs reproduction work.

The day of the surgery Glory’s blood was drawn for a pre-surgical complete blood count, chemistries, coagulation panel and another progesterone. All the blood work was normal and her progesterone was 25 which was spot on for the insemination. Glory had a full physical exam and a ECG done of her heart, those tests were normal as well so it was time to premedicate her and get the ball rolling.

An IV catheter was placed, induction medication was administered to make Glory sleepy so a endo tracheal tube could be placed so she could be put on gas anesthetic for general anesthesia. She was hooked up to IV fluids during the surgery. Dr. Kowaleski was the surgeon while John was the technician monitoring Glory while she was under anesthesia.

John was recording Glory’s vital signs while under anesthesia, he was making sure she was handing the anesthesia well, if there were any changes in her vital signs he would adjust the anesthesia and fluids appropriately.

Meanwhile outside the OR Lindsey was waiting for the cue to go ahead and start unthawing the frozen semen sample they had on hand from Bear.

Once the semen is thawed it is analysed under the microscope to make sure it is viable. No sense implanting semen that is dead. Everything looked great, the semen was alive and active, it had about 75% motility. It’s still amazing to me that you can freeze semen and then wake these little guys back up and have a successful pregnancy.

Dr. Kowaleski was getting the uterus prepared, she was looking at the ovaries and uterus to make sure there were no cysts or other problems that might complicate the surgery. Everything looked great, even know Glory has had 2 previous litters with one being a csection you couldn’t tell anything had happened to her uterus.

She packed everything off and was ready for the insemination.

Drawing up the semen into her syringe to implant it in Glory’s uterus.

Implanting the semen.

John is monitoring Glory through out the whole procedure. There are monitors that will give you the vitals of the patient but it is always a good idea to do your own visual and listen to the heart and lungs with a stethoscope.

Dr. Kowaleski finished implanting the semen into the uterus and is closing the uterus, abdominal wall and sub q layer of her incision.

Surgery is complete.

Time to recover Glory. Her incision site is cleaned, she is taken off the gas anesthetic, fluids and monitors. When she can swallow on her own the endo tracheal tube is removed.

Good morning Glorious one!

Glory recovered nicely, she felt most comfort when she was laying her head on my leg. It comforted me as well.

Here is the outline of events to come for Glory.

Glory the night after the insemination. Surgery went well, she recovered great, she was already hording her toys. She will need 10-14 days to recover from the surgery. She will need to be kept quite and will need to go outside to potty and back in. No playing with the other dogs as we don’t want to disrupt her skin incision. The 4 week wait to find out if the pregnancy took is going to be the longest 4 weeks ever.

~I’m posting Glory’s breeding events after the fact, I announced on Wednesday that Glory is expecting so we know she is pregnant. What you don’t know is the events that happened after the insemination and that we didn’t know if we would have a successful pregnancy. Stay tuned for part 2.

Get The Nursery Ready

For 20 days I was sitting on pins and needles while giving Glory medication twice a day and tending to her surgical incision wondering if this breeding was going to take place. She got a bad infection after her surgical ai so there was a good chance the pregnancy wouldn’t happen. This truely is a miricle breeding and soon I will share our roller coaster ride not only the after insemination  problems but the ride we took to get her bred.

Right now we are happy and we will continue to care for our glorious one to ensure she has a healthy delivery and healthy puppies.

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Petlandia Books

Petandia Books

A book starring your pets!

My friend passed this Facebook page  Petandia Books onto me knowing I do pet therapy work with the Sand Spring gang so she thought it would be cute to have a book made featuring my dogs so when the kids read to them they would be reading about the dog visiting and having a real live experience.

Guilty got a book of her own, she starred in Guilty Meets Grumpy Cat in Petlandia.

Since Gambler and Glory grew up together and are only 6 months apart in age I thought I should do a combined book with them.

Austin read Gambler and Glory’s Petlandia Roadtrip adventure to Gambler at one of our R.E.A.D sessions. He thought it was pretty cool to be reading about Gambler. He giggled at what Gambler and Glory were doing on their roadtrip. I can’t wait to have more kids read these books to the gang.

Guilty being read to.

Guilty loved having her adventure with Grumpy cat read to her on Wednesday. I loved how the little girl always had a hand on Guilty.

Petlandia is based in the UK. They have an website which is easy to place your order on, you can view it here. They offer a book starring one dog, cat, rabbit or two. You can pick your type of animal that best represents your breed, you can pick the color of your animal as well as the gender.  Their customer service is excellent as I thought I messed up on my order and emailed them right away and they got back to me in a timely manner. I got my books in a few weeks as well and couldn’t be happier with them. They offer free shipping from the UK which I thought was great as I know how much it costs to send stuff over seas.


New Pet Therapy Books

Sand Spring Chesapeakes pet therapy team received some new pet therapy books from our dear friend Tracy who is a reading teacher. She follows along with the adventures of Sand Spring and loves the pet therapy work that we do. She knows how much of a difference the dogs make in children’s lives. I don’t have children and don’t know much about children’s books so you can only imagine how excited I was when I received some books in the mail.

5 new books.

It just so happened that I placed a Thirty One order with my friend Teresa who is a Thirty One consultant and my bags arrived the same time I got the books. I got the medium utility tote engraved it with Sand Spring Chesapeakes filled it and everything fit perfect.

My new Thirty One bag.

I also got the double duty caddy that will hold all my small stuff, it fits right into my utility tote. I can keep everything organized now.

Double Duty Caddy

I took my new bags and books and off we went for a R.E.A.D therapy visit. We headed to Fall River Middle School to meet up with a couple of second and third graders. Gambler was my co-pilot for the visit.

The reader today was a girl and she picked out Madeline Finn and the Library Dog.

Gambler laid down and listened very carefully to the story.

She would take a moment to pet Gambler.

Gambler had to lean in as she was reading to him about a dog that was a R.E.A.D dog and a girl was reading to him in school and this girl said “she is reading to him just like I am reading to you”. It was a very cute story and she so enjoyed reading it to Gambler and told him so.

Gambler was hoping she would take a break and give him a little kissy or more like it a treat.

I can’t thank Tracy enough for thinking of us and being our therapy supporters.

Right now Thirty One is having a customer appreciation sale going on until 1/14. If you are in need of anything you can order through my friend Teresa by clicking on her link Thirty One.


A Year and A Month in Review

A Year and A Month in Review

My year in review starts back in December 14, 2016 when John and I drove to Eau Clair, WI to pick up Riggs one of our puppies out of Glory and Thunder’s 2015 litter. Rigg’s current family at the time couldn’t keep him because of unforeseen circumstances. They tried and tried and finally made the call to me to help them out. We gladly welcomed Riggs back home to Sand Spring Chesapeakes. Riggs was 17 months at the time and still intact, being that we have Gambler who is intact as well and has a case of short man syndrome our best friend and neighbor Roger agreed to house Riggs and have him be his dog and a co-owner with us. Riggs former family still follows along with Riggs adventures and we are still friends, they will always be the reason for Riggs great upbringing.

A couple weeks later we got a call that Preacher needed to come back home as she wasn’t working out in her new home, there was personality conflicts between the two girls that lived together so on Christmas eve Preacher came back to live with us again. All our pups are welcome back home, we hope that they won’t be coming back home but sometimes things don’t work out like we hope and we need to do what is right and take responsibility for the lives we helped put on this earth. We had a full Christmas with Grandma Nellie, Glory, Gambler, Preacher, Guilty and MK all living at our house.

We all rang in the New Year of 2017 together. 2017 brought many ups and a few downs. The winter wasn’t a terrible one so we were able to get out and do some hunt test training. Riggs only had obedience work done with him so at 17 months we had to start out from scratch. Roger along with John and I tackled his training, since we were training him we trained Guilty at the same time since she is 6 months younger. Riggs really wanted to please and was doing really well with his training. Once the weather got nicer and the pond opened up it was time to see what he would do in the water. He hadn’t swum as a little puppy so it took some time for him to figure out the water and now he is like a fish.

February 12th Guilty received her UKC Show Champion title under judge Barbara Burns. Host club was the WI Boston Terrier Association held in Ixonia, WI. She was just a week over her first birthday.

March 9th, Guilty received her Alliance of Therapy Dogs and her R.E.A.D (Reading Educated Assistance Dog) certification. Guilty is doing therapy work at Beaver Dam and Fall River Middle School.

In March Preacher received her UKC Top Ten status certificates as well as her invitation to perform at the UKC Premier this coming June in the Top Ten Breed and Dog Standing show.

Grandma Nellie turned 12 in October of 2016. Over the winter she was having troubles with her back legs. She was showing neurological signs. She would crisscross her back legs, they would go out on her and she would fall over, she wasn’t able to jump on the bed like she could in the past she was slowly going downhill. Her mind was still all there so you could see her give it her all until the night of March 14th,when I got home from work and John let the gang out to meet me in the garage she ran out to meet me and then she just stood there and wouldn’t move. She stared at me and I could tell by the look in her eyes that there was something wrong with her. She was a little old lady telling me her time was up. We spend the next day loving on each other and the night she spent loving on John. They said their goodbyes as I knew when I took her to work with me the next day March 16th,  that we would run some tests but I knew in my heart she wouldn’t be coming home. It turned out that she had a heart base tumor and it was bleeding making it hard for her to breath. It was time for her to be at peace. She was an amazing dog, mother, grandmother and best friend. She was our first breeding bitch and gave us 3 wonderful litters. She taught us so much about raising puppies, hunting and living life to the fullest. She will forever be our turd.

May 13-14th Momma Glory came out of retirement for the Dodge County Canine Club show to show in the champion class for a chance to get a leg towards her grand champion title and she took Best Of Breed at one of the shows to receive one leg out of 5 for her title.

In June Guilty received her AKC Therapy Dog Novice title and her Canine Good Citizen title. She completed 10 therapy visits for her title.

Guilty attended the 2017 UKC Premier in Kalamazoo, MI. She tried her paw at lure coursing where she ended the course too early so didn’t receive any passes, she did receive her United Novice Jumper title completing 5 jumps in the novice level. She also won Best Of Breed in one of the dog shows she attended, with that win she got one pass towards her grand champion title and a spot in the top ten breed and dog standing.

Gambler received his AKC Trick Dog Novice and Intermediate titles.

July 30th Sand Spring Lethal Weapon JH “Riggs” received his AKC Junior Hunter title. Host club was the Wisconsin Amateur Field Trial Club, his judges were Richards Andrews and Carol Greenwald.

Then in August Riggs received his UKC HRC Started Title. He went 4 for 4 on his tests. Host club was Muddy Waters HRC.

August 22nd Riggs passed his AKC Canine Good Citizen test while Guilty passed her AKC Community Canine and Urban tests. Gambler and Glory both passed their Canine Good Citizen Urban test.

Over Labor Day weekend Guilty and I set off for Madison Retriever Clubs fall hunt test. She needed one more pass for her AKC Junior Hunter title which she pulled off. She is now UNJ UCH Sand Spring Guilt By Association JH THDN CGCU.

Preacher left our home for her forever home with George and Susie. John and I have known George forever through our trapping and selling of hides. George is retried now and was looking for a chessie. We told him about Preacher he came and hung out with her and took her home. She has been living the life as an only dog, she has been to North Dakota hunting, up north hunting, hunting on the Mississippi river, fishing with George, going to church with George, she spends all her time right by his side. I couldn’t of asked for a better home, I am happy she and George have each other.

Riggs received his UKC Conformation Champion title on September, 11 2017 at Central Wisconsin Kennel Club. This weekend there were 4 UKC shows, Riggs needed to get BOB in three of the shows in which he did. Judges for the shows were Dr. Bev Siglfelten, Jeanne Heger, and Stanley Matsumoto. Under judge Stanley Riggs received a Group 4 out of 7 dogs in the Gun Dog group. Riggs was handled by Tom Pawlisch

The end of September Guilty and Riggs took their American Temperament Test, both passed with middle of the road scores. They have even temperament. “A Sound Mind In A Sound Body”. With Labor Day brings the beginning of the school year so our pet therapy starts up as well. Each session I rotate out the dogs. Gambler, Glory and Guilty all have their titles so I take one each time. I took Glory a few extra times this fall as I knew she would be coming into heat later in the winter and we would be breeding her so she wouldn’t be able to do therapy. Gambler has started back up with the Beaver Dam Middle school kids. He is in one room this year, I have just taken Gambler so far as the kids that need the pet therapy have requested just Gambler come visit as it will help them with consistency.  I figure any way I can help these kids make it through the day we will do. I’ve visited some of these kids for 4 years, it’s nice to see the changes in the kids and know that Gambler is helping them out.

This fall once again we packed up our gear and headed off to Saskatchewan, Canada to snow goose hunt. We took all three dogs, this year I hunted with Guilty all week and John had both Gambler and Glory one on each side during hunting. I had a lot of fun with Guilty, this was my first-year hunting with her as John hunted with her last year. We had a successful hunt, made many new memories with our friends that go with us and we got to hunt with one of Nellie’s puppies again. Pearl who turned 10 on Christmas this year hunted with us again and she did an awesome job for a senior gal. Nellie made the trip with us, she hunted with Guilty and I and on our last day of hunting some of her remains stayed behind in the field we hunted. She also was laid to rest in Kerrie’s flower garden. It was her final flight. Part of her and her father Norman are in a place that we will all ways cherish.

We spent the fall hunting and guiding with our dogs at Lone Oak Pheasant Preserve. The dogs loved being able to hunt pheasants with others. The clients loved hunting with dogs that would flush and retrieve, we all had a great time.

Glory came into heat this fall/winter just like we knew she would. I had spent many months researching stud dogs. We made a decision on who we were going to use so we put our ducks in a row and when it was time for the breeding to take place there was an unfortunate turn of events with the stud dogs semen sample so we needed to come up with another stud quickly. When your bitch is in heat there is a small window of time when things need to get done correctly. We decided we would do a repeat breeding with Bear (Guilty’s dad), a surgical insemination was done on December 13th. Everything went according to text book just like it did in 2015 when we did the exact same breeding, it wasn’t until a week later that things went aray and we would be left wondering if this pregnancy would take place. Glory had a reaction and got an infection next to the surgical incision which is assumed to be from the extender in the frozen semen sample. She needed to be sedated and a drain was placed by her mammary glands to drain the fluid that has accumulated. A couple trips were made during this time to have ultrasounds done to make sure she didn’t have a pyometra. She was put on antibiotics and is healing up really well. We won’t know until the second week of January if the pregnancy took so as we come to the last day of this year we hope to close out the teary days and enter into 2018 with smiles, relief, good heath and little brown furry ones.

Thank you to all who follow Sand Spring Chesapeakes, those who support us and share in our happy moments and are there for the sad moments. Life is about ups and downs and without friends and family it would be a lot harder to get through the days so we thank you and love you all. May you all have a blessed and healthy New Year!

The Pounce

The Pounce!

I think I smell a pheasant.

Get out of the weeds now!

I have to go in deeper!

Third flush and retrieve.

ah ha I got you!

It’s gotta be in here.

I hear it, I smell it I just can’t see it.

How about I just pounce on you!

Glory had fun with this pheasant. It was in the really tall marsh grass buried in deep. She knew it was in there from the scent it gave off. The bird held tight to the ground and didn’t want to flush. She worked and worked and did everything to get it to flush. After pouncing it on it finally flushed and she got her bird.

It was really fun to watch her, she put a smile on my face.

Glory’s Birthday Prezzie

Glory didn’t get the typical Birthday present of toys and treats she got to go pheasant hunting. I think she much prefers this type of present.

In all her Glory with her first bird retrieved.

I have it mom, I bring it to you.

Flush and retrieve number two.

Third flush and retrieve.

Happy Birthday Glory.

Glory was pretty darn happy with her birthday prezzie. She left some pheasants for the others to share. She’s still going strong at 6 years old. I hope she has another 6+ years of going strong.