Guilty’s Hunts

Guilty is John’s go to dog this season when he goes out hunting. She is the youngest and lacks the years of hunting so he takes her so she can gain some experience. I’ve hunted with her when we go pheasant hunting and she is a cool dog to hunt with. She gives it her all and is coming along real nicely with her hunting.

She’s been out hunting morning doves, pheasants, ducks and geese. From the littlest of birds to the biggest of birds she doesn’t have a problem retrieving any of them. She is super excited to go hunting and pouts when she has to stay home and let the other dogs go.

It’s so nice to see such drive and hunting technique in a dog under two.

Pheasant Hunt

This fall the Sand Spring gang has been doing a little bit of pheasant hunting on public Department Of Natural Resources land. Each year the WI DNR will raise pheasants to be released during the WI Pheasant season on their public land. We are fortunate to have public land close to our house so I take the gang often to try and get some birds. In WI you are allowed 2 rooster pheasants a day.

I will hunt multiple dogs at one time just because I want to get them all some exercise and we can cover more ground with more dogs. Usually if Gambler is out with others he is the bird hog and gets to the bird before the other dogs do. It doesn’t matter if he flushed up the bird or not he will mark the bird down and out run the others to it. Both Gambler and Glory got a bird this day when we were out hunting.

The season ends the end of December so hopefully we will get out and get some more birds.

Rainy Day Crane Hunt

While hunting in Saskatchewan the first week of October it rained for 40 hours straight making the fields very wet and not drive-able by vehicles unless you knew someone with a bigger vehicle to pull you out. We didn’t want to chance anything and surly didn’t want to leave big ruts in the farmers fields so we didn’t drive in the fields after it had rained until they dried out. Since we couldn’t drive in the fields we had to plan a light hunt because we would need to carry in the decoys we needed and our gear for the hunt. We decided that crane hunting was the way to go. You don’t need many decoy’s for crane hunting so it would only take us a couple trips to get everything out in the field for the hunt.

Once again I got to hunt with Guilty so she got to retrieve a couple crane’s that I shot. There isn’t a season for crane in WI so this was her first official crane hunt as a young girl and she did awesome. She picked them right up and brought them back to me like she was a pro. We do eat the crane as we feel if we shoot it we eat it. It really is a good tasting meat when you get a young one. We had fun this day.

Pompass Grass Portraits

I just love the fall of the year when my patch of pompass grass turns brown and the top heads out in a nice white feathery fluff. It makes for a great backdrop for taking pictures of the Sand Spring gang.




Go out and have a great Hump Day!

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Guilty In Saskatchewan 2017

Here are some more photos I took of Guilty in Saskatchewan when we were there hunting the first part of October. I hunted with Guilty all week so I got to take lots of pictures of her.

She was such a doll to hunt with, she was all business when it came to retrieving. 5

Fun With Filters In Saskatchewan Prairies

When we got to Saskatchewan our first stop was to meet up with a friend of ours. While waiting I just had to take some pictures of the gang while we waited. I edited them with different filters.

As you can tell it was a bit windy but overall such a beautiful day and beautiful subjects to photo.

Have a great day!

Wordless Wednesday is a community linkup of bloggers. Visit our host, BlogPaws, and you can use the icons below the post to hop from site to site. It is a great way to discover new blogs…..or even just a convenient way to find all of your favorites in one place. When you visit each site, be sure to leave a comment and let them know you found them through Wordless Wednesday.


Saskatchewan First Hunt 2017

September 30, 2017 was our first day of hunting snow geese in Saskatechewan. There were 5 of us hunting with 4 Sand Spring dogs. John was double teaming the birds with Glory and Gambler on each side of him while hunting, I had Guilty and our friend Mike had 10 year old Pearl. Pearl is out of the first litter we had with Nellie. She is doing awesome for being 10, you wouldn’t know she was that age by the awesome job she did out in the field. She gave it her all, she was just a bit sore but no worse for wear. I was hunting next to Ron so Guilty got to retrieve my birds as well as Ron’s. This day she retrieved 20 geese. She was loving life for sure. All the pictures in this post today are of Guilty.

We ended up with 58 birds. 48 snows and ross’s combined, 3 canada’s and 3 mallards. A pretty good day for our first day. The dogs sure were tired at night time and so was I. When we go hunting we set our alarms for o-dark thirty which correlates to 3:15 a.m. we leave the farm house at 3:45-4 a.m. get to the field by 4:30 a.m. start setting up decoys and put out what we can leaving enough time to park the trucks away from the field and walk the dogs back which turns out to be about a mile walk, get our blind’s set up and then wait for shooting hours to start which was around 6:30 a.m.  When the hunt is over, we walk back to get our trucks, drive back out to the field and start picking up decoys which takes about 2 hours as well. We then head back to the farm house and clean our morning birds, eat a little lunch and by that time it is 3 p.m. At about 5-5:30 p.m. we get in the trucks and head out to scout looking for a field to hunt in the next morning. That can take 10 minutes up to a hour or more. Once a field is locked in it’s supper time and then bed time as o-dark thirty comes pretty darn quickly.



Pheasant Opener And Some Ducks For Guilty

Yesterday was the WI pheasant opener. Hunting started at 9 a.m and you are allowed one bird on the opener. It was a raining morning so John and Guilty took off to go duck hunting while Glory, Gambler and I stayed in bed until it was time for us to go hunting. I didn’t know where John was hunting until I pulled into the public hunting lot and saw his truck.


Glory, Gambler and I headed off to look for pheasants. The dogs were super excited since this was the first time they got to go hunting since we got home from Saskatchewan. They ran and ran and ran sniffing every blade of grass trying to locate a pheasant.

While led walking through the marsh we came across John’s canoe. Of course the dogs had to check it out and Gambler had to let him know it was his.

We we stopped by John and Guilty to see what they were getting. They have gotten four ducks and Guilty was not sharing them.

So we said our goodbyes and finished our hunt which turned up no pheasants for us this day. It was nice to get the dogs out for a run and to see how well Guilty did on her duck hunt.

Have a safe hunting Sunday.

My Favorite Wagon Wheel ~ {This Moment} See Beautiful

Each year when we stay at the farm house in Saskatchewan while hunting I have to take pictures of the dogs in front of the beautiful wagon that is on the property. I just love the wagon wheel photos. I see beauty in the wagon and the extra beauty of my dogs in front of it makes it even more beautiful.




And of course one of Guilty taking off.

“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.” ~ Camille Pissarro

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Gonna Get That Feather

The Sand Spring Gang wasn’t only getting feathers in the field they were getting feathers in the lawn back at the farm house after the hunt.

Do I have something stuck to my lip?

I don’t know if you do Gambler but I think I do?

This one taste’s like a snow goose.

Let me try chewing it and get a better taste.

Maybe if I smell it I could tell who it is from.

na na I can’t figure it out.

Let’s take another taste.

Whoo wee look at all the feathers.

I gotcha.

Nom Nom Nom

Momma getting in on the feather action.

Come to momma.

How you like my mustache?

Jump jump jump to get the feathers.

Ah Guilty it’s over here.

Yup right here, momma’s got it.

You snooze you loose all the feather fun.

I had a great time and so did the dogs trying to catch a feather in the air.

Have a great day.