The Pounce

The Pounce!

I think I smell a pheasant.

Get out of the weeds now!

I have to go in deeper!

Third flush and retrieve.

ah ha I got you!

It’s gotta be in here.

I hear it, I smell it I just can’t see it.

How about I just pounce on you!

Glory had fun with this pheasant. It was in the really tall marsh grass buried in deep. She knew it was in there from the scent it gave off. The bird held tight to the ground and didn’t want to flush. She worked and worked and did everything to get it to flush. After pouncing it on it finally flushed and she got her bird.

It was really fun to watch her, she put a smile on my face.

Feathers ~ It’s What’s For Dinner

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Glory’s Birthday Prezzie

Glory didn’t get the typical Birthday present of toys and treats she got to go pheasant hunting. I think she much prefers this type of present.

In all her Glory with her first bird retrieved.

I have it mom, I bring it to you.

Flush and retrieve number two.

Third flush and retrieve.

Happy Birthday Glory.

Glory was pretty darn happy with her birthday prezzie. She left some pheasants for the others to share. She’s still going strong at 6 years old. I hope she has another 6+ years of going strong.

Goose Hunts

In October Gambler and Glory got to go on some goose hunts. When we goose hunt we hunt corn fields. Once the corn is picked the geese like to land in the field to eat the kernels of corn that fall off while being picked. The night before the hunt we drive around to different fields and check out which ones the geese are feeding on. Once we find a field we talk to the farmer to see if we can hunt in that field the next morning. The geese will go back to the same field the next morning to feed again. They will keep going back until the corn is gone or they get scared off by the hunting pressure.

Here are some pictures of Gambler and his field hunt.

Here are some pictures of Glory on her field hunt.

What made these two hunts special is that they were done with my uncle Randy. Randy has owned his own business for over the past 45 years and just recently retired. When he owned his business he wasn’t able to hunt because he was always working so now that he is retired he is making the best of the hunting season by getting out there and hunting. We had a great time on each of these hunts. It’s always nice to hunt with family and your dogs.

Pheasant Hunt

This fall the Sand Spring gang has been doing a little bit of pheasant hunting on public Department Of Natural Resources land. Each year the WI DNR will raise pheasants to be released during the WI Pheasant season on their public land. We are fortunate to have public land close to our house so I take the gang often to try and get some birds. In WI you are allowed 2 rooster pheasants a day.

I will hunt multiple dogs at one time just because I want to get them all some exercise and we can cover more ground with more dogs. Usually if Gambler is out with others he is the bird hog and gets to the bird before the other dogs do. It doesn’t matter if he flushed up the bird or not he will mark the bird down and out run the others to it. Both Gambler and Glory got a bird this day when we were out hunting.

The season ends the end of December so hopefully we will get out and get some more birds.

Riggs’s First Pheasants And Ducks

This hunting season Riggs is having a lot of firsts. As you know we got Riggs in December of last year after hunting season was already over. Riggs didn’t do any hunting until he came back to us. We started out training him for hunt tests, entered him in hunt tests where he received his AKC Junior Hunter and UKC Started Retriever title this past summer. Now that we are done training for hunt tests we are off hunting. Riggs has gone waterfowl hunting a few times and pheasant hunting a few more times. Here are pictures of his first birds.

Riggs pheasants.

Riggs ducks.

He really enjoys getting out and hunting and is doing a really great job at it. The hunting season is still going on so there is time for him to get more birds.

Wordless Wednesday is a community linkup of bloggers. Visit our host, BlogPaws, and you can use the icons below the post to hop from site to site. It is a great way to discover new blogs…..or even just a convenient way to find all of your favorites in one place. When you visit each site, be sure to leave a comment and let them know you found them through Wordless Wednesday.


Rainy Day Crane Hunt

While hunting in Saskatchewan the first week of October it rained for 40 hours straight making the fields very wet and not drive-able by vehicles unless you knew someone with a bigger vehicle to pull you out. We didn’t want to chance anything and surly didn’t want to leave big ruts in the farmers fields so we didn’t drive in the fields after it had rained until they dried out. Since we couldn’t drive in the fields we had to plan a light hunt because we would need to carry in the decoys we needed and our gear for the hunt. We decided that crane hunting was the way to go. You don’t need many decoy’s for crane hunting so it would only take us a couple trips to get everything out in the field for the hunt.

Once again I got to hunt with Guilty so she got to retrieve a couple crane’s that I shot. There isn’t a season for crane in WI so this was her first official crane hunt as a young girl and she did awesome. She picked them right up and brought them back to me like she was a pro. We do eat the crane as we feel if we shoot it we eat it. It really is a good tasting meat when you get a young one. We had fun this day.

Gambler In Saskatchewan 2017

Gambler hunted with John while we were in Saskatchewan hunting the first part of October. I didn’t get many photos of him as we were sitting to far apart but I was able to get a few.

This guy loves to hunt, he has no trouble picking up the heaviest birds, he grabs them with force and brings them back without missing a beat.

Have a great weekend all!

Guilty In Saskatchewan 2017

Here are some more photos I took of Guilty in Saskatchewan when we were there hunting the first part of October. I hunted with Guilty all week so I got to take lots of pictures of her.

She was such a doll to hunt with, she was all business when it came to retrieving. 5

Saskatchewan Glory 2017

Glory hunted with John all week in Saskatchewan. She was on the right side of John while Gambler was on the left side. John had his hands full with running two dogs during a hunt. They switched off on the retrieves. It was a little hairy on coming back to the blind as when one dog was coming in with a bird the other dog was “guarding” their birds so they would growl making the dog that was coming in a little unsure if they should be getting any closer. It wasn’t just one of them but this happened each time either of them went out to get a bird. Once the birds were back and in a pile by them they of course thought they needed to guard them from the other dog. This is typical Chesapeake behavior. It was do it this way or leave one dog behind and only hunt one dog in which the dog left behind would not be happy at all. John thought this was the fairest thing to do.



Since John hunted with Glory I didn’t get may photos of her in Saskatchewan. Even know I got a new camera and lens my lens wasn’t super long so I couldn’t get decent photos. I added a couple photos you seen already of Glory at the farm house.

Have a great day!