Riggs -Stud Service

SHR Sand Spring Lethal Weapon JH CGC



Male, Light Brown, 85#, Height 26 in

HR U-CH Sand Spring No Gut’s No Glory SH THDN CGCU TT


                                  HR CH SRR’S North Point Thunder Bay SH WDQ CGC

DM: Clear               CB-DM2185/OM-VPI
EIC: Clear               CB-EIC306-24M-PI
PRA: Clear              CB-PRA162/24M-PI
Hips: Good              CB-11300G24M-VPI
Elbows: Normal       CB-EL3068M24-VPI
CERF: Clear            CB-EYE923/18M-PI
Ectodermal Dysplasis: Clear    CB-ED51/24M-PI
PennHip: LDI=.47; RDI=.35
Long Coat: Clear (Paw Print Genetics)


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Available to approved bitches. Natural or Fresh Chilled, must have current clearances and negative brucellosis.

Contact: JoAnn – Sand Spring Chesapeakes  920-948-7738 j_stancer@yahoo.com