Nellie Accomplishments

Color correction2012 to current, Nellie is retired from hunt tests. She still hunts ducks, geese and pheasants with us in Wisconsin. She has gone to Saskatchewan three years to hunt snow geese, cranes and ducks.

2011DSC06698June 18, 2011 HRCH Sand Spring Hurricane Nellie SH passed her UKC HRC Finished test for her Hunting Retriever Champion title. Mike Lambrecht handled her to her pass. Mike and John Stancer trained Nellie.

2009DSC01690 August 22, 2009 Nellie passed a UKC Finished test for her first finished pass. On August 23 HR Woodland Bays Gaelic Destiny SH passed a UKC Finished test for his first finished pass. Tiny is O/T/H by Mike Lambrecht of Woodland Bay Retrievers. Both dogs ran at Bong Start Park.

senior hunterMay 9, 2009 Nellie received her Senior Hunter title at Bong State Park, WI. The test was held by the Fox Valley Retriever Club.

2007hr ukcSept. 22, 2007 Nellie received her UKC HRC Hunting Retriever (HR) title. Fox River Valley club held this event at Bong State Park.

2006junior hunternell ribbonSand Spring Hurricane Nellie JH received her AKC Junior Hunter title & has
2 UKC HRC Started passes.

ribbonsSAND SPRING NORM OF CAROWAY SH, (left) passed 2 AKC Master Hunter events and 2 UKC, HRC finished events. SAND SPRING HURRICANE NELLIE, (right) passed 3 AKC Junior Hunter events.


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2011 UKC HRCH Title

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2010 UKC Finished test

2010 Saskatchewan Hunt

2010 Saskatchewan Hunt

2010 Nellie training

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2009 Saskatchewan hunt

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