Gambler And Josey Sept 2017

Upcoming Breeding September 2017

November puppies go home January 2018


Sand Spring Outlaw                                                       Sand Spring Ev’ry Paw’s A Winner


Bday: 7/11/15                                                   Bday: 5/13/11

AKC #: SR88475701                                       AKC #: SR67863401

UKC #: R255-738                                               UKC #: R223-627

Color: Drk Brown, Weight: 80#                       Color: Brown, Weight: 75#, Height: 22.5in

Hips: Excellent CB-11314E24F-VPI                Hips: Good CB-10245G24M-VPI

Elbows: Normal CG-EL3077F24-VPI              Elbows: Normal CB-EL2169M24-VPI

DM: Clear CB-DM2177/OF-VPI                       DM: Clear CB-DM1178/0M-VPI

EIC: Clear CB-EIC277/15F-PI                          EIC: CBP (Clear By Parentage)

PRA: Clear CB-PRA138/15F-PI                       PRA: Clear A (Gen-Sol Sample ID#: 32814)

CAER: Normal CB-EYE790/9F-VPI                CAER: Clear CB-EYE424/70M-VPI 4/8/17

Coat Length/Fluffy: Clear            Coat Length/Fluffy: Clear (Gen-Sol Sample ID#: 41517)

CHIC: 100510 DNA: V776212




Sand Spring Outlaw, Josey, is out of HR U-CH Sand Spring No Guts No Glory SH THDN CGCU TT and HR CH SRR’s North Point Thunder Bay SH CGC WDQ was born 7-11-15.

Josey earned her AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy at age 3 ½ months.  At 5 ½ months she earned her Canine Good Citizen.  At 11 months Josey earned her UKC Show Champion, Rally Obedience 1, and SPOT (Socialized Pet Obedience Test) titles, she ended the UKC year by being in the UKC Top Ten Breed And Dog Standings with an invitation to the UKC premier this coming June.  In the AKC Josey had earned her Rally Novice and Canine Good Citizen.  By earning her AKC Rally Novice and scoring over 90 in all three trials in one year, Josey qualified for the AKC Rally National Championships.  Josey earned her Barn Hunt Novice title which demonstrates her ability to use her nose for scent.

Josey has trained for hunting season using ducks and pheasants.  Her first time out, she retrieved a goose.  Our family mostly pheasant hunts.  We went to pheasant farms so she could for sure have birds.  This gave her many opportunities to work cover, flush the birds and retrieve them.

This year has started out great, Josey is a registered therapy dog with Alliance of Therapy Dogs and an R.E.A.D. (Reading Educated Assistant Dog) dog.  Through the AKC Josey has earned her Trick Dog Novice, Trick Dog Intermediate, and Therapy Dog Novice.  In the UKC Josey has earned her Grand Champion in conformation, Rally Obedience 2 title, and 30 All Star points in Rally Obedience 1, she has earned Total Dog in the UKC 5 times.  Total Dog is where you win in conformation with competition and get a qualifying score in a performance event at the same show.  Josey currently visits a local school for students to read to her twice a week.

In the Summer of 2017 Josey will be working on her AKC Junior Hunter title as well as UKC Started Retriever title in which she has 2 passes. Josey went to the Premier (The UKC National Show) in June.  She received a Best Of Breed in the Top Ten Semi Finals, 2 reserves in the other conformation shows, a score of 100 and 10 all star points in Rally Obedience, her Coursing Aptitude title and her United Senior Jumper title as well as earning her 5th Total Dog award. The end of summer Josey took her Community Canine and Canine Good Citizen Urban tests passing with flying colors.

Josey is 80# with correct conformation, she is dark brown with a nice broad head for a female, she is a very versatile dog but hunting is a first passion.  She has proven herself in the field with her retriever work last fall.  This spring Josey has started antler shed hunting, taught at the Wisconsin Chesapeake Fun Day, to reinforce hunting.   Josey is an intelligent girl with high prey drive that enjoys year-round socialization and hunting activities.  Being an active family, she fits right into our home. She is completely owner trained, handled, and has shown she can be versatile in a wide variety of venues.

USJ HRCH U-GRCH Sand Spring Ev’ry Paw’s A Winner MH THDN CGCU TT TKI


Gambler is the life of the party.  He is one of the most athletic dogs we’ve had  — if we say “Jump”, he says “How High. He is a fun-loving, easy-going dog who makes us laugh every day with his antics around the farm.  Gambler is quite a dog.  Easily trained, heavy drive, and very versatile – this dog hunts, shows, dock dives, lure courses and goes each Friday to visit kids with emotional behavioral disorders doing his therapy dog work all with ease!

Gambler competes in AKC performance events.  In August 2013, he earned his AKC Senior Hunter Title at 27 months of age, in May 2016 he received his AKC Master Hunter Title.

Gambler also competes in UKC performance and UKC conformation events.  He received his UKC Grand Champion title on November 10, 2013. Gambler was the #1 Chesapeake in the 2012 and 2013 Top Ten UKC dog and breed standings. As a result, he was invited to the Top Ten at the UKC Premier. Gambler also earned his UKC Seasoned title at 27 months. He has competed in UKC site hound Lure Coursing with 2 passes (just one shy of his LC title).  Gambler earned his UKC Ultimate Air Dog Senior Jumper title at 25 months, with his longest jump being 18.3 ft.

Besides training and competing in AKC & UKC performance events Gambler is an avid upland and waterfowl hunter in WI. He has traveled to Saskatchewan 4 years hunting snow geese and cranes. He also has his Canine Good Citizen title, Therapy Dog Inc. & American Temperament Test certificate. 10/7/15 Gambler finished the second level of the CGC certificates and received his Community Canine Title (CGCA). Just for fun in May 2017 Gambler received his AKC Trick Dog Novice and Intermediate title. This dog will do anything I ask him to do when it comes to tricks. The end of Summer Gambler took his Canine Good Citizen Urban test passing with flying colors.

September 2017 we will be breeding Josey to Gambler, November puppies and then ready to go home January 2018.

The puppies will be AKC and UKC registered, dewclaws removed, first vaccinations, fecal examinations, and dewormed.  They will be raised in the house and introduced to many different situations as well as raised with children.  This breeding with Gambler should produce puppies that excel in the field and show ring as well as being wonderful companions for an active family.  Puppies will not be affected with any of the genetic diseases as DM, EIC, or PRA.  We expect them to be structurally sound as a result of the great clearances from both parents.  Full health guarantee will come with each pup.

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