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Sand Spring Chesapeakes proudly supports and recommends the Puppy Culture Program.

I’ll be honest – I never heard of Puppy Culture before I bred Glory nor with any litters I had with Nellie. After I bred Glory my friend introduced me to Puppy Culture and I am so happy that she did. I am happy to say that Glory’s first litter of Chesapeake Bay Retriever pups were raised with Puppy Culture. The new puppy owners got to follow along with the the growth and rearing of these puppies by following along on my Facebook page they got to see what all I was doing to get these puppies ready for their new home/life. I got such positive feedback from the puppy buyers the first couple weeks that the puppies were in their new homes. The owners told me they couldn’t believe how confident their puppy was they were going to introduce the puppy to different situations and the puppy had no problems with the introductions. It seemed that nothing bothered them. After hearing that I would have to say the first 8 weeks of the puppies lives at my house were a success that I can contribute to me being a Veterinary Technician and to Puppy Culture. Because my friend recommended Puppy Culture to me I would like to introduce and recommend it to you, it’s not just for breeders, it’s for owners too because you to are involved in your puppy becoming a confident dog it’s whole life.

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Puppy Culture DVD


Dvd’s and books available for sale by clicking the above links.

What is Puppy Culture? A complete program of over 50 essential lessons over 5 hours on 4 DVD disks.

• Puppy rearing from birth to 12 weeks and older.

• Learn from top veterinary behaviorists, breeders,  and dog trainers.

• Scientifically proven to greatly improve outcomes for puppies.

Video explaining Puppy Culture.

Complete program , From Breeder to Puppy Owner.

Puppy Culture for breeders: Puppy Culture represents a gold standard in

puppy rearing and early socialization.

We’ve done the research for you and distilled down a hundred
years of combined experience into easy to follow protocols.
You’ll receive week-by-week and step-by-step instructions,
proven by science and experience to ensure the best outcomes
for your puppies.

For Breeders:

  • Early Neurological Stimulation
  • Weaning Set Up and Suggestions
  • Developmental and Fear Periods
  • Harnessing the Enrichment Effect
  • Puzzles, Games, and Problem Solving
  • Safe Early Socialization
  • Holding a Safe and Effective Puppy Party For Your Litter
  • Emotional Resiliency Exercises
  • Anti-Aggression Protocols
  • Bomb-Proofing Puppies
  • Placement Options
  • Preparing Your Puppy Buyers

Puppy Culture for Owners: Puppy Culture is a guiding hand for you and your puppy

Our team of experts have bred, raised, and trained thousands of dogs,and we’ve know from first hand experience what works best. We make that vast experience available to you, broken down into clear instructions, in short chapters that are easy and fun to watch.

For Puppy Owners:

  • The Critical Socialization Period
  • Holding a Safe and Effective Puppy Party For Your Puppy
  • How To Find a Good Puppy Class
  • Vaccination vs. Socialization
  • Handling Fear Periods
  • Leash Walking, Recall, Crate and Potty Training
  • Training Markers
  • Manding
  • Preventing Common Behavior Problems:
            • Resource Guarding
            • Separation Anxiety
            • Biting and Jumping

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Puppy Culture DVD

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