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Guilty and Preacher

This week Preacher has been back living at her new home in Minnesota. These too have been playing inseparable gals the whole time Preacher has been with us. They will meet again this next week in Saskatchewan to do some hunting and maybe a little play time too.


Remember Me Thursday

#RememberTheRescue on #RememberMeThursday


September 22, 2016 is the day to Shine A Light On Orphan Pets Waiting For Forever Homes. It’s a day to get the world talking about pets needing adoption whether they are in a Humane Society or Rescue they need forever homes.

Today I’m going to Shine A Light on CRROW – Chesapeake Retriever Rescue Of Wisconsin.

Chesapeake Retriever (Chessie) Rescue of Wisconsin (WI)

Click on the above photo of CRROW and it will take you to their home page to view the three Chesapeake’s that are in rescue right now that are awaiting their forever home. Help spread the word and get Copper, Kaiah and August out of rescue.

Since I wrote this post ahead of time as I am on vacation I am happy to report that August the Chesapeake found her forever home! Thanks for all you do in rescue CRROW!

For further information, please contact us:

CRROW logoOffice hours are

  • Monday thru Friday 8 am to 8 pm Central time.
  • Saturday  and Sunday 8 am to 5 pm.
  • Please call, email or fax us your request for communication and we will return your call as soon as we possibly can.
  • Even though we appreciate you giving us a little free time we will of course take emergency calls after hours.

Email: Sue
Phone 920-427-4295





Gma ~ Daughter ~ Grand Daughters

dsc_0028 dsc_0031


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I Know The Little Bird Is In Here

I Know The Little Bird Is In Here

This summer Preacher has been fascinated with the chickadee’s that have made a nest in the bush by the house. She can smell that they are in there and it drives her nuts that she can’t see them or get to them.


I smell you in there little chickadee.


Let me get a closer smell.


I think I see a little nest.


Mom, it’s in there I can smell it.


Let me see if I can get a better view from this angle.


Trying to sniff out chickadee’s is hard work.


I had a break now back at it.


Hello….are you in there?


I see you!


I’ll leave the bird alone for now.

This little game kept Preacher entertained for the whole summer. She did eventually find the little nest but never got a chickadee.

Preacher, I found your chickadee!

Preacher, I found your chickadee!

The Enchanted Highway~North Dakota

14369870_10154257346834724_5729069953994269170_nEnchanted Highway

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Enchanted Highway is a collection of the world’s largest scrap metal sculptures[1] constructed at intervals along a 32-mile stretch of two-lane highway in the southwestern part of the U.S. state of North Dakota. The road has no highway number, although its northern portion is 100½th Avenue S.W. (counting from Bismarck, N.D., which is 85 miles to the east). Local artist Gary Greff conceived of the project, built it beginning in 1989, maintains it and plans more sculptures. A goal is to counter the trend toward extinction of small towns such as Regent, North Dakota. The Enchanted Highway extends north from Regent to the Gladstone exit of Interstate 94 east of Dickinson. Each sculpture has a developed pull-out and several have picnic shelters. The highway passes through scenic farm country with intermittent buttes. Regent is a popular pheasant hunting area, and wild game is abundant.

In 2012, Greff opened a motel, The Enchanted Castle, in Regent. The motel continues the theme of the Enchanted Highway.[2]

black and white
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Guilty Got An Autograph

Guilty got her very first autograph from her celebrity dad. You see her dad “Bear” is on the cover of the 2016 Kansas Hunting Regulations, that makes him a celebrity as there will be many copies distributed all over Kansas.


That’s my dad!

Regulations on display.

Regulations on display.

Daddy stamping the copies.

Daddy stamping the copies.

Dad's very own paw print.

Dad’s very own paw print.

Lzy Mtn Piper's 3-D Brown Bear MH

Lzy Mtn Piper’s 3-D Brown Bear MH

Maybe one day Guilty will follow in her dad’s paw-print’s and get her picture on a set of hunting regulations.

Preachie Pot Pie

Preacher’s nick name…Preachie Pot Pie just rolls off the tongue. Her time here at Sand Spring is coming to a close, in one more week she will be at her new home in Minnesota. I did a little photo session the other day to get some shots of her before she left. Here are a few in black and white. Color ones to come later. 

dsc_0046 dsc_0043

Guilty, Preacher and Mom Glory.

Guilty, Preacher, Mom Glory and Gma Nellie.

In two weeks we will be seeing Preacher again as she will be hunting with us in Saskatchewan. This will be her first hunting trip so it will be exciting to see her hunt snow geese. The past two months she has been in training at Sand Spring and coming along quite nicely.