The 47th Year

The 47th year starts today for me. I’ve waited and wondered for the past 23 & 21 years if I would make it to this year and even more so will I make it past the 47th year into and beyond the 48th year. You see both my parents passed away when they were 47 years old. Since their passing I’ve been living with this thought. It’s a thought that I think about each day and don’t take any day for granite.

When I was in my twenty’s of course I thought my parents were old. Everyone thinks that way, eh? I’m hear today to let you in on a secret so listen up you youngsters. 47 is not old. Old is a relative term and I believe you are as old as you feel or act. I don’t feel old at all and I sure don’t act old. I sit here and think about how 47 really is young and I can’t believe my parents died so young, I surely wouldn’t want to pass away now. They were just getting into the prime of their lives with the kids being gone from home and them having enough money to finally travel and do things that they wanted to do. That time was short lived but I am so glad they got to do the few things that they did. There are two things that crosses my mind when I am thinking about doing something or going somewhere’s is that you only live once and life if to darn short. You need to go out and make the best of it and enjoy each day, so that is what I do. If I want to travel I travel, if I want to buy something I buy something. You just never know when your time is up on this earth so go out and make it a great day!

My brother passed the 47th year hump a year and three quarters ago, so I shall to pass that hump. Stop back a year from now and find out. Until then Happy Birthday to me and I’ll be celebrating life to the fullest!




Josey’s New Title RO3



HR U-CH Sand Spring No Gut’s No Glory SH THDN CGCU TT


HR CH SRR’s North Point Thunder Bay SH WDQ CGC

2015 litter

On the weekend of October 14-15, 2017 Josey received her RO3 title, 10 UROC points, 39 RO1 All Star points with the UKC (United Kennel Club), host club was Bark River Dog Club. Congrats to Tom and Josey for a job well done!


Chesapeake Bay Retriever Research Study Cataracts & PRA ~ Samples Needed

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Research Study Cataracts & PRA ~ Samples Needed

Preacher is entered into the study.

From Jane Pappler of the American Chesapeake Club: Research Samples Needed for Triangular Cataracts (also PRA). I spoke recently with Dr Gustavo Aguirre from the University of Penn in Philadelphia. He would be grateful to have owners submit samples from their Chesapeakes for the current study going on for Triangular Cataracts. He is associated with Optigen at Cornell and they are doing updated research now on Goldens, Labs and want to include Chesapeakes. I told him I would publish info for him asking for submissions as soon as possible. He would like to have at least 20 affected dogs and more for the study.

From Optigen’s website:


Special Note To Veterinary Ophthalmologists


Who qualifies? Any purebred dog that has been examined by a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist (ACVO, ECVO) and that has been diagnosed with PRA is eligible for review for possible inclusion in the Free Testing program. Status of “PRA suspicious” or “atypical PRA” does not qualify.

Here’s how it works:

1. You mail, email, or fax a copy of the eye exam report (CERF report or other) plus a copy of a 4-5 generation pedigree for PRE-APPROVAL before sending a blood sample. If possible, provide an email address for a reply.

2. Wait for a response from OptiGen to learn if your dog has a diagnosis that qualifies for free testing.

3. Once you’ve received the PRE-APPROVAL notification from OptiGen, send a blood sample – at least 3 ml of unclotted blood – according to standard instructions (Ship Sample).
Cheek swab samples are not suitable for most research purposes; a blood sample is greatly preferred. Print out and complete all details of the standard Request Test form (ignore any payment questions). Send this order form with the notation “Approved for Research” clearly printed on the first page.  Including a copy of email correspondence noting the prior approval by OptiGen is helpful.

What happens next?

OptiGen will test the sample from your PRA affected dog for the known and/or likely causes of the disease in that breed.  For those samples that represent breeds where no PRA mutations have yet been identified, personal communications on test results will be issued from OptiGen as the research is conducted.  OptiGen frequently relies on the expertise of two veterinary ophthalmologists, Dr. Gustavo Aguirre at the University of Pennsylvania and Dr. Gregory Acland at Cornell University. With the assistance of their consultations and academic research efforts, OptiGen strives to help advance the understanding of inherited eye diseases in dogs.


Modeled on our PRA research program, these projects are aimed at identifying the genes and mutations responsible for specific cataracts found in certain breeds.  There are manytypes of cataracts but we are studying only 2 types at this time: 

  • Bilateral, Posterior Subcapsular type that develops between 1.5 yrs and 3 yrs of age in the following breeds: Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Rottweilers, Bernese Mountain Dogsand English Springer Spaniels
  • Bilateral Posterior Cortical type that develops between 1 yr. and 3 yrs of age in the Siberian Husky, Samoyed and the Alaskan Malamute
  • Bilateral Anterior Cortical Cataracts that develop between 3 yrs and 4 yrs of age in the American Cocker Spaniel.  These cataracts tend to progress with age.  Because of the high variability in cataract type, it is preferred that all dogs involved in this project have been examined by Dr. Gustavo Aguirre.The 3 steps for submitting cataract samples for research are the same as those for submitting PRA research samples (as described above). Here is the link they sent me for the form for the Cataract study. 

Please email Jane Pappler from the American Chesapeake Club later how many dogs you are sending samples for as the Dr. wants her to keep a ruff count of participation. This is very important for our breed towards having a DNA test for cataracts so please help if possible. Thanks. Jane Pappler


If you have been following along with SS you know that Preacher was diagnosed with Cataracts at 8 months of age. This cropped up out of no where’s as all the dogs in her pedigree were CERF’ed clear. When I found out they were looking for research samples from dogs with triangular cataracts I got on the computer and sent an email to Optigen right away along with her CERF exam and pedigree. Preacher got accepted into the study. Since they are looking for samples from the affected dogs parents and if any clear or affected siblings I was able to send them three additional samples. I send in blood from Preachers Mom and blood from two of her siblings that CERF’ed clear. Preachers dad’s owner will be submitting samples as well.

Like Jane said this is very important for the Chesapeakes and hopefully with this research study they can find a link to cataracts and develop a DNA test.


Riggs’s First Pheasants And Ducks

This hunting season Riggs is having a lot of firsts. As you know we got Riggs in December of last year after hunting season was already over. Riggs didn’t do any hunting until he came back to us. We started out training him for hunt tests, entered him in hunt tests where he received his AKC Junior Hunter and UKC Started Retriever title this past summer. Now that we are done training for hunt tests we are off hunting. Riggs has gone waterfowl hunting a few times and pheasant hunting a few more times. Here are pictures of his first birds.

Riggs pheasants.

Riggs ducks.

He really enjoys getting out and hunting and is doing a really great job at it. The hunting season is still going on so there is time for him to get more birds.

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Getting Ready For Turkey Day ~Hill’s Science Diet #ChewyInfluencer

Chewy White

I’m getting ready for the upcoming Thanksgiving celebration and so is MK. She didn’t want to get left out of the festivities.

What goodies do we have here?

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Savory Entree Variety Pack Canned Cat Food, 5.5-oz, case of 12 came just in time for the Thanksgiving feast.

I can smell the turkey goodness right through the box.

This box of 12 cans of goodness came from

4 – Savory Turkey Entree
4 – Savory Chicken Entree
4 – Turkey & Liver Entree

4 of each variety, I don’t know which one to start with.

MK decided to go with the Savory Turkey Entree first.

Savory Turkey Entree

Tender morsels and enticing sauces combine to bring something special to dinner time with Hill’s Science Diet Adult Savory Entree Variety Pack Canned Cat Food! With so many tasty dinners to choose from, there’s something for even the pickiest of palates. Each meal is made with natural ingredients plus vitamins, minerals and amino acids to deliver the perfect blend of flavor and nutrition, so you can feel good about giving your kitty something healthy that they’re sure to enjoy digging into. Pop open a can and watch in delight as your little one bounds in for their tasty meal! ~Chewy

Nom Nom Nom

  • Made in the USA with wholesome ingredients and without the use of corn.
  • Each flavor is designed to deliver the perfect amount of energy to support a cat’s ideal body weight.
  • Contains high-quality ingredients and ensures proper nutrient absorption to keep your cat fit and healthy.
  • Engineered with a precise balance of key nutrients to support cats a cat’s metabolism.
  • Provides your cat with a wide variety of mouthwatering options, reducing dinner time boredom. ~Chewy

This is lip smacking good.

Mk Dug right in and gobbled the turkey entree up.

Second day feeding.

Mk’s not a fan of eating the same meal multiple days in a row, especially if it was put in the refrigerator. On the second day I put the food in the microwave for a few seconds to take the chill off, fed it to her and she dug right in again.

Four days in a row.

I did this for four days in a row to finish up the can and she ate it each time. What makes this so delightful is she can then try a new flavor and won’t get bored eating the same o same o. She’s ready for the Thanksgiving celebration now since I know she will eat this food and continue to eat it.

It’s on sale right now at for $12.70.


Because: has more than 300 brands to choose from and is ready to fetch it and ship it, direct to your doorstep, anytime of the day. Have a question regarding the best food for your pet? Call us 24/7 and our helpful customer service team at is ready to listen. lives and breathes pets. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida,’s dedicated staff is committed to providing quality pet products to our customers in a fast and easy way. That’s why we have warehouses located throughout the country – so the products are delivered quickly and efficiently. Bottom line, delivers pet happiness – and there’s nothing really better than that. Their products are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed (if your not happy call them and they pay for shipping the item back), they have expert pet care and product advice, over 200 of the best pet brands and 24/7 customer care. Another great benefit of is they have autoship for your pet food needs and orders under $49.00 are a flat rate shipping cost of $4.95. 200 SW 1st Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 1-800-67-CHEWY

What’s new at They now have autoship.

I was given one box of Hill’s Science Diet in exchange for a honest review from



We would like to thank out hosts Sugar The Golden Retriever and Oz The Terrier for this Chewy Hop.


Served Like a Girl (2017)

On this Veterans Day it’s only appropriate I give a shout out to the girls of Served Like a Girl. I want to thank each and every one of them and each and every Veteran for their service to this country.

Director Lysa Heslov’s documentary, “Served Like a Girl, provides a candid look at several American women as they transition from active duty to civilian life after serving tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our wounded U.S. female service personnel often return to a stark reality, one that is rarely discussed or considered. Struggling with PTSD, homelessness, broken families, serious illness, physical injuries, and the aftermath of military sexual abuse, these amazing women find ways to adapt and overcome debilitating challenges through participation in the “Ms. Veteran America” competition. Guided by event founder and veteran, Jas Boothe, the women leverage their experiences gained through competition to recover the parts of themselves and their personal identities they had lost on the battlefield. Called “Engaging, Honest and Powerful,” this film is a beautiful tapestry interlaced with poignant moments, social commentary, and humor.

Nichole Alred is one of the woman Veterans in the film. I am proud to say that we’ve been Facebook friends for over 10 years, our love for Chesapeakes brought us together. We haven’t met in person yet but hopefully in the next year that will change. I’ve enjoyed following along with the long hard process it was for her and the other girls to be noticed and to be picked as the girls in the film. I can’t wait to watch this documentary these gals deserve to have their stories heard and seen.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smilingImage may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing and text

Served Like a Girl is a film that allows us to take an intimate look inside the lives of 5 women veterans. The women share stories of what it is like being a woman in a war zone, being sexually assaulted, and overcoming odds, all the while having you laugh out loud. Lysa Heslov (the director) does an beautiful job at allowing the veterans to tell their stories without putting any kind of twist on it. It’s a roller coaster of emotions. *Nichole

Served Like a Girl – The Girls, read their bio’s here.

Follow on     Facebook     Instagram    Twitter      #servedlikeagirl

Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, people standing and textImage may contain: 7 people, people smiling, people sitting

Image may contain: 10 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor

Image may contain: 10 people, people smiling, people standing and shoes

Served Like A Girl DVD – get it on Amazon. I got mine today!

Served Like a Girl soundtrack – get it here.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, text

They ALL donated songs for us!! Christina Aguilara, Pink, Pat Benetar and Lynda Perry wrote “Dancing Through the Wreckage” just for the film. *Nichole

Image may contain: 1 person, text

Speaking of Final Salute Inc. meet the founder:

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, text

Jas is a Chicago Native, disabled veteran, cancer survivor, and international speaker who served 17 years in the Army. She founded Final Salute in 2010 and the Ms Veteran America competition in 2012, which have collectively raised over $2 million and assisted over 3600 women veterans and children in over 30 states and territories. In honor of her leadership and positive impact on the community, Boothe has been recognized by Oprah Winfrey, Toyota, People Magazine, CNN Heroes, and The Department of Defense.

Read an article written by Jas here, after reading this you will understand why this film was created.

Follow on Facebook   Twitter    #finalsalute

I salute you Veterans!


29th Annual Badger Kennel Club Dog Fair

29th Annual Badger Kennel Club Dog Fair

On Sunday November 5th, 2017 The Pawlisch family along with Gambler and I attended the 29th Annual Badger Kennel Club Dog Fair.

On the road selfie.

Irene, Willow and I manning the booth.

Tom, Josey, Gambler and I greeting peeps.

Another pose of the dueling team.

Gambler enjoying his day.

Josey wondering why she had to hang with gman, he’s crazy!!

Tom waiting for the crowd to start coming to see the best breed ever.

Jada and Zara along with Kathy strutting their stuff.

Ready for the meet and greet and let the world know what the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is about.

My pal Ransom, I see him at work now I see him at the dog fair. A great representative of the Rott Breed.

The littles loving the treat basket and kisses from Gambler.

Does this spider make my face look scary??

Willow brushing in between peeps.

Our pal the mini chessie, emmy the Boykin Spaniel.

This was a memorable moment. This lady told us she wanted to get to know the chessies and feel them as she helps train service dogs and she was getting a chessie in to work with.

The hustle and bustle didn’t bother the dogs they laid down and took it all in.

Josey waiting patiently for a peep to come visit.

Rizzo the want to be chessie hanging out.

Two monkeys together!

The day was a big hit. We were there from 10-4 meeting and greeting all kinds of people. Young, old, people with walkers and wheelchairs we met them all. The dogs were model citizens as they should be since they have their Canine Good Citizen, Community Canine, Canine Good Citizen Urban and Therapy Dog titles. When the booth was slow one of us would take our dog and go walk around the fair checking out the other breeds and vendors along with all the rescue groups. There were demo’s of Agility and conformation going on as well as talks from a local Veterinarian and a cop from the K9 Unit. Before the end of the day the Chesapeakes went into the ring to show their stuff and have an announcer talk about the breed.

There were people who had chessies and currently have them now that stopped to talk and share their stories, there were people who had no idea what breed they were that we gave literature to and explained the breed to them. We were there under the American Chesapeake Club representing our breed the Chesapeake Bay Retriever. What a fun filled day it was.

Thanks to the Pawlisch family for donating their time with me for such a good cause.

Annie’s Waterfowl Opener

You all get to see pictures and here stories of Gamblers hunts quite often. What you don’t hear about often is Gambler’s siblings. Today I’m sharing a photo of Gambler’s sister Annie after her first hunt of the waterfowl season.


SHR Shaw’s Go Get’em Annie is owner trained and handled. Hope the good luck continues and you get to retrieve many birds this waterfowl season.

Annie is out of HRCH Sand Spring Norm Of Caroway MH    X      UH HRCH Hope Springs Dowry MHR***       5/13/11


Theo Graduates School

Theodore Blueridge Theo

HR U-CH Sand Spring No Gut’s No Glory SH CGCU THDN TT


Lzy Mtn Piper’s 3-D Brown Bear MH


Lauren and Theo graduated from Obedience school last week in Colorado! Way to go gang. Obedience is such an important part of owning any dog. Everyone benefits from obedience. Thank you Lauren for what you are doing with Theo!

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Sand Spring Pearly Mae JH

 Sand Spring Pearly Mae JH

HRCH Sand Spring Hurricane Nellie SH    x     HRCH AMR CH INT’L CH* Nordom’s Apache Rebel MH WDQ


Just about 10 years old and Pearl is going strong in Saskatchewan. She had a great hunt this year. She is 55# and with the heart and desire to get those geese she gives it her all and makes it look effortless. She is methodical on her retrieves. We had a couple of long floaters and Pearl didn’t hesitate to go after them she has been a great hunting companion for Mike. I’ve enjoyed hunting with her each year. Hopefully she has many years left, she sure didn’t show any signs of slowing down this year.

Have a great fall hunting season Pearl, see ya next year in Saskatchewan!