Happy Earth Day ~ Tribute To My Dad

Happy Earth Day Everyone. Every Earth Day since 1994 is the Anniversary of my dad’s passing. Each year I plant a tree for Earth day and in memory of my dad. My grandparents owned a 24 acre wooded piece of property that they gave to my dad and now my brother and I own it. It is called Bradley Branches and the Bradley’s that have passed rest there. Grandpa, Grandma, Dad, Mom, many of my parents pets as well as my pets rest there as well. Nellie will be the next pet of mine to be laid to rest with the other loved ones.

Go out and enjoy this Earth Day and please respect it, it’s the only one we have and if we don’t take care of it we won’t have it.

Fall River R.E.A.D Dogs

Since the beginning of April the SS dogs have had children of the Fall River School District read to them after school on Wednesday’s. My dogs Gambler and Guilty have been read to and one of my puppies Josey is being read to as well through the R.E.A.D program.

Gambler’s first day at Fall River School.

Hi Uncle Tom I see you taking a picture of me.

Teacher Tom, Josey and Kendra

The joy the dogs bring to a child’s face bring’s so much more joy to the handlers face. It’s a win win situation in my book!

Pierce reading to Guilty.

Thank you Tom for setting these sessions up and for doing therapy work with Josey.

Happy First Birthday To The Gamchops

Gambler and Choptanks puppies are 1 year old today. Happy Birthday little ones. I’m super excited because in a couple weeks I will be seeing Red. She will be attending WI Chessie Fun Day. Red is owned by Choptanks owner Rick who bred this litter from Sauerkraut Chesapeakes.

Choptank and Gamblers puppies.

Little Red

Little Red grown up thinking she is little again.

Little Buck who lives in Michigan who I get to hear about all his Gambler antics.

He has the same traits as Gambler.

All grown up.

Happy Birthday all, I hope you have a fun filled kisses and biscuits day!

Dueling Cannon Balls

Everyone jump!

Everyone hit the water!

Gambler and Preacher are partners in crime, they both love the water, they both have to make big splashes to try and beat the other one to the bumper. Preacher is a fish in the water and can really swim fast. She will beat Gambler to the bumper but he always takes it away from her because he is a big meanie.

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Heartworm Disease In The Canine

Heartworm Disease In The Canine


Time for my annual heartworm test.

The American Heartworm Society recommends annual heartworm  antigen and microfilaria testing, they recommend year round administration of chemoprophylactic drugs to prevent heartworm disease and control other zoonotic parasites like roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms in some preventatives.

Heartworms are nasty!

Heartworm infection in dogs has been diagnosed around the globe, including all 50 of the United States. In the United States, its territories, and protectorates, heartworm is considered at least regionally endemic in each of the contiguous 48 states, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam (Bowman et al, 2009; Kozek et al, 1995; Ludlam et al, 1970). Heartworm transmission has not been documented in Alaska; however, there are regions in central Alaska that have mosquito vectors and climate conditions to support the transmission of heartworms for brief periods (Darsie and Ward, 2005; Slocombe et al, 1995; Terrell, 1998). ~American Heartworm Society

Glory was a trooper for her blood draw.

A blood sample is needed for the annual heartworm test. Some clinics will run the test in their clinics while other clinics will send out the blood to a laboratory for testing and get the results back the following day. Hopefully all tests will come back negative and then you can give the monthly heartworm medication of your vet clinic’s choice and prevent heartworm disease.

Sentinel Spectrum

There are many types of heartworm medication that may or may not control other intestinal parasites as well as prevent heartworm disease. All I will say on the topic of heartworm medication spend the money and get your pet’s medication from your Veterinary Clinic. When you get your medication from the clinic you have a relationship with them and you know you are getting the correct medication from the actual manufacturer of the medication. If you get your medication from an online pharmacy you aren’t guaranteed that this is  the correct medication. If your pet has an reaction or worse comes down with heartworm disease the manufacturer of the medication will not help out at all as in paying for any treatment if bought online. If bought at the vet clinic the manufacture will reimburse for adverse reactions and for heartworm treatment. Some online medications have been found out to be fraudulent. Buying from the vet clinic puts your mind at ease if something happens you will get some help with it. For this piece of mind I will always by my medication at the vets.

Double Defense.

Vectra 3D is used in conjunction with heartworm monthly medication to add a double defense heartworm protocol. I use Vectra 3D on my dogs. It works super on mosquitoes.

Go out and get your pooch tested and put on monthly heartworm preventative medication.

Glory’s Annual Veterinary Visit

Last week was Glory’s Annual Veterinary Visit. She’s been quite healthy this past year I don’t think I needed to take her to the vet for much of anything. Last fall she needed an exam for a health certificate to travel to Canada but that was about it besides her having puppies last February.

Glory was welcomed by Harmony Pet Care.

Time to weigh in.

Weigh in was not good!

Weigh in was not good at all, I knew it wasn’t going to be. She put on some extra weight after having the puppies as I didn’t want her to get skinny feeding them so then I fed and she decided to keep it on. We didn’t get out much during the winter to work it off so now we will need to concentrate on not feeding as much and more exercise. Overweight dogs have more health problems and we don’t want that.

Time for my annual heartworm test.

Each month I give Glory a monthly heartworm preventative Sentinel Spectrum.

Sentinel Spectrum

I give her it annually and test her blood each year to make sure she is indeed negative for heartworm disease as this is what the American Heartworm Society states.

Heartworms are nasty!

The message in clear Heartworm’s kill. With such a easy disease to prevent by giving a monthly pill why wouldn’t you want to take care of your loved fur friend and prevent heartworm disease?

Glory was a trooper for her blood draw.

Glory got a complete physical exam.

What does a complete physical include?

Glory got a complete physical exam including everything from her nose to her tail. No abnormalities were found.

Microchip still working.

Glory’s microchip was scanned to make sure it was still working, a fecal sample was tested for internal parasites which was negative. She was then given her vaccinations that were needed for this year. She is on a rotation for some of her vaccinations but still needs the ones that only last one year which were Leptospirosis, Lyme and Bordetella.

Glory has Nationwide Pet insurance.

I signed Glory up for Nationwide Pet Insurance back in October of 2015. I have been very happy with the great coverage and customer service. I submit a claim and I get reimbursed within two weeks. It’s nice to know that if Glory has routine care or an emergency the pet insurance is there for me to use and I don’t have to deny her any treatment because I can’t afford the treatment.  I have a $100 deductible a year and then they pay 90%.

Hopefully Glory will continue to do good the rest of the year!

Wet And Beautiful ~ {This Moment} See Beautiful

See Beautiful Wet Gambler

See Beautiful Wet Guilty

So happy to have a pond on my property so I can take the dogs swimming whenever I want and to see their beauty when they are wet and in the marsh.

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Brandy Portraits

Last week the gang and I went down to the pond. This was Brandy’s first time in our pond. Her owner had taken her swimming a few times last summer when she was just a pup. She had a great time in the water and I had fun taking photos of her.

The top photo in all of these different poses is the original I took with my camera the second photo is the edited one I did with the program that came on my new computer in the photo screen. I like how they all turned out and I really didn’t have to do anything but choose a edit, a click of a button and wa-la.