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Puppy Update And Contest Winner(s)

IMG_4853Last week I asked the readers to guess how many puppies Glory would have and the sexes of each. I had said the x-ray shown 8 but there could be more hidden.

Saturday I got the results:12705406_10153698674249724_6006700003967210384_nThe winner(s) of the contest were Jodi over at Heart Like A Dog and my pal I work with Teresa they both guessed 9 puppies 6 girls and 3 boys. They will get a little prezzie package from me. Thank you all for your guesses it was fun to read the answers.


Thank you all for your congratulations on my blog and facebook. Your well wishes for Glory and the puppies mean a lot to me. You guy’s are the best and rock for being there for us during this journey.






The Puppies Have Arrived

6 Girls 3 Boys

6 Girls 3 Boys

Glory and Bear’s puppies were born via c-section at Veterinary Village on Feb 6, 2016. 6 girls and 3 boys. They are all doing very well. I will post up about the c-section later, it might even have to be in parts as it was pretty involved. The staff at Veterinary Village did a wonderful job to ensure Glory and all the pups did well. I can’t thank them enough for all the work they did.

black and white

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Nothing But Norman #133

Happy Saturday All!

Nothing But Norman


Earlier this week this photo popped up on my facebook wall as a memory from 7 years ago. This was the dock dog trainer holding on to Norman while I was at the end of the pier throwing the bumper out into the lake. This was at Dog Camp that Norman and I attended. I was a counselor for the weekend event. We had a great time.


Norman’s light was lit yesterday morning as  friends of ours laid their chessie to rest. My deepest sympathy goes out to them in their loss. Run free Ardi, Norman will show you the ropes and you will chase endless snow geese. I leave you with the poem they posted up with the sad news:


p style=”text-align: center;”>“We who choose to surround ourselves
with lives even more temporary than our
own, live within a fragile circle;
easily and often breached.
Unable to accept its awful gaps,
we would still live no other way.
We cherish memory as the only
certain immortality, never fully
understanding the necessary plan.”
― Irving Townsend


sepia saturday

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Different Positions And Surfaces

The gang is getting stir crazy with all this cold and snowy weather. We haven’t been able to train at all so we go for walks, ok I walk and they run, chase, play grabass, tip each other over.

DSC_0751 After a bit of running we found this tree to sit/stand next to for a group photo. DSC_0757 We went a bit farther and found this old boat to jump up on and stand/sit on. It was a smooth surface so the dogs had to balance without slipping off the sides.DSC_0778I had Gambler lay down on the boat different muscles are being worked with laying down.DSC_0780Preacher found something to munch on so she was more than happy to lay down in the snow and eat her find.DSC_0793 Next we came across this tree stump that was sticking out so Gambler climbed up on it and balanced on it for this picture.DSC_0799Nellie thought she should sit while I was taking photos of Gambler and Preacher just stood and watched. We walked around my horse pasture in a foot of snow. The dogs worked off some pent up energy.


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Puppy X-ray And Contest

Yesterday if you follow me on Facebook or on my Sand Spring FB page you may have seen the x-ray I had taken of Glory at Veterinary Village to get a puppy count so I know what to expect at delivery time.

Digital X-ray of Glory's abdomen.

Digital X-ray of Glory’s abdomen.

If you seen the X-ray you know how many puppies the doctor counted in her abdomen which was 8. These are going to be 8 big puppies as in July when I bred Glory to Thunder from 2browndawgs their were 11 puppies in there and she is now weighs more then she did with that litter. She is 94.4# now and she was 93# in July.

2-3 days left.

2-3 days left.

The countdown is still going on and we are getting very very close. Glory is due to whelp this Saturday or Sunday unless she springs a leak earlier and lets the little burr heads out.

Puppy Sex Contest.

Puppy Sex Contest.

It’s time for some fun. Since I already blew the surprise with how many puppies are in her I decided to do a puppy sex contest. Now mind you X-rays aren’t exact and even know the doctor counted 8 there could be one or two hidden in her bellie behind some organs and not visible so she may or may not have more puppies in there. If you would like to guess a count along with how many of each sex Glory will be having leave your guess in the comments. After she whelps I will notify the winner on Monday Feb 8, 2016 and they will get a little prezzie package from me if they respond to me within 24 hours otherwise I will move on to the next closest count. This contest is open to the whole wide world.

Good luck!

Barks And Bytes

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Checked And Double Checked

IMG_4791 IMG_4792


Wordless Wednesday is a community linkup of bloggers. Visit our host, BlogPaws, and you can use the icons below the post to hop from site to site. It is a great way to discover new blogs…..or even just a convenient way to find all of your favorites in one place. When you visit each site, be sure to leave a comment and let them know you found them through Wordless Wednesday.

Chalkboard Art With Some Bloopers

This past weekend I went to a “flea market”. I came across a chalkboard that a crafter made. I thought it would be fun to get it and use it to do some puppy announcing. I bought some whelping pads for Glory’s new whelping box so I thought I would tell the world that using the new chalkboard.

IMG_4773Little did I know that I created a photo monster with Preacher. When I told Glory to sit and had the camera ready Preacher sat down and looked right at me as this was what she was suppose to do. After she looked at me she thought the chalkboard needed cleaning.

IMG_4774“Yuck” Preacher, really you had to lick the board, what is the matter with you child?


But Mom, it is really cool and I wanted to be a chalkboard licker, I heard it was fun!

Here’s where we are at with the countdown.


Glory doesn’t want to eat real well as her stomach is full, I am feeding her canned food to entice her to eat. Poor girl, only a few more days left!

Have a great day all!


Eastwood Sisters Tour T-Shirts

This weekend I made my own Eastwood Sisters Tour T-Shirts. It was easy and fun when you read the instructions first! Note to other’s who want to make their own iron on transfers to put on things like t-shirts, bandannas, tote bags you should read the printing instructions completely before printing all the transfers that come in a package.

I bought my t-shirts and computer iron on transfer paper at Hobby Lobby. I used Transfer Magic Inkjet Transfer Paper.


Now going back to reading instructions, I have done transfers before and when I did them I needed to “mirror” the image so when you ironed it onto the t-shirt the image and writing was correct and not backwards. So I did what I did in the past, printed all 5 transfers and then went to iron them on the shirts and whoops I wasn’t suppose to “mirror” the image, I was to leave it the right way as that is how this transfer paper works. Gads! I just wasted all that ink and a whole package of paper! READ FIRST!

Now onto how I did this project.

IMG_4753First you want to pick your image and create your project. Read the transfer paper instructions and either “mirror” the image or leave it alone and then print out your design.


Lock up Gambler before you start your project or he will drag out a blanket and proceed to rip it.


Cut around the design and cut off the excess white paper.


Iron the shirt and let cool before you do the transfer. Iron on a hard surface not on a towel.


Read the instructions on how long you should iron over the transfer, times vary for full sheet transfers like this one I had to iron for 3 minutes.


Let the transfer cool for a bit then peel the backing off slowly.


Ta Da the final product.


I did 4 t-shirts today, I would of did 2 more but I ran out of transfer paper due to not reading instructions!

I also bought some tote bags from Walmart so I decided we needed tote bags for our show items.


you do the tote bag just like you do t-shirts, easy peezy.


I added the girl’s names and paw prints to the bags so we would know who’s was who’s. I used fabric paint for the names.


Josey got two bags as Tom can decide which bag he feels manly in and use for the show.


Preachers finished bag and t-shirts.

I think this project came out very well. Time will tell as to how the t-shirts hold up to the washer machine. The Eastwood Sisters tour will start in less than two weeks as they have a UKC show coming up on Feb 13-14, 2016. If they hit it big time maybe there will be shirts for sale to the general public.