Puppy Grooming~Monday Mischief



Even Chesapeake puppies need grooming. They don’t need a lot but they still need to be prepared for the grooming that they will receive as adults. You should start any puppy out weather they need grooming or not by handling their toes because all puppy and adult toe nails grow and need to be trimmed on occasion. It is much easier to start getting them used to this procedure than it is fighting with them as adults when they don’t want it done. You should squeeze each toe and hold on to the paws so the puppies get used to this. I have been doing this since day one and have been trimming their toe nails once a week.



Next I have been wiping their privates as sometimes this will need to be done as adults. Male dogs can have smegma (a green or yellow discharge from the penis) as girl dogs can have tucked up vulva’s that tend to get infected so they might need to be wiped as adults so I was getting them used to it now. As well as wiping their privates I was getting them used to having their ears cleaned. Ear infections can happen and when they do you need to clean the ears and apply medication. Touching the ears and massaging them gets them used to this when they become adults and the treatment is not as stress full.


You should also massage the puppies gums and practice brushing the teeth, you should open their mouth and get them used to that.  You should be touching them any chance you can get, this will really help them out as adults.

Giving bathes is important too, why was it important to give a bath? Well let me tell you….our pal Noodles over at Noodle4president is having his very first contest. It was a grooming contest. He wanted the best before and after photos of your pet being groomed. I of course had to enter as I have been practicing grooming on my puppies. Purple girl was the chosen one for this contest. Here is our submission.

PicMonkey Collage (3)


You can hop on over to Noodles page and place your vote, contest is open until Sept 4th.

monday mischief

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AKC Senior Title~Black And White Sunday

Seven weeks ago Glory had a litter of puppies, I really wanted to get her AKC Senior Title before the litter was born but that didn’t happen so when I saw there was one last test I could enter her in this fall I went ahead and entered. This was when the puppies were five weeks old and she was still nursing them some. I started doing some training with her which amounted to once a week sometimes twice. The day of the test came yesterday and Glory was ready to run, she missed running and going to tests but while at the test I could tell she missed the puppies too. Glory ran great and passed both her land and water series for her AKC Senior Hunter title. I couldn’t be more happy with her and am really proud that she had a litter of puppies and was able to go out run a hunt test and pass with little ones still at home. We ended the 2015 hunt test season with a bang. Way to go Glory!

DSC_0905 DSC_0913 - Copy DSC_0915


HR U-Ch Sand Spring No Gut’s No Glory SH CGC TDN TT

Thank you to Madison Retriever club who hosted this event and to the judges Mark Holcomb and Beth Trudel who put on a really nice test.


Nothing But Norman #111

Happy Saturday All!

Project16 - Copy - Copy - Copy


DSC_0208 DSC_0221

We are joining Ruckus The Eskie and Earl’s World for Sepia Saturday.


We are also joining The Pet Parade.


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Tunnel And Truck Puppy Fitness~FitDog Friday

This weeks puppy fitness was getting them used to a actual agility tunnel and a remote control truck. As you can see they didn’t have any problems with the tunnel, they just love tunnels now that I started them on the little cat tunnel. Maybe we will have some agility dogs in this litter.

DSC_0445 DSC_0472 DSC_0475 DSC_0477 DSC_0482

They didn’t mind the truck at all. They would follow it along and when it stopped they would stalk it. Here is blue boy stalking the truck.

DSC_0484 DSC_0485 DSC_0488

Much fun and fitness was going on this day. One more week and the little ones will be going to their new homes.


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6 Week Puppy Photo Shoot

The puppy’s turned 6 weeks old last Saturday. I’ve been doing a photo shoot each week of their life. This week was defiantly the hardest to do by myself as the they are so big that they jump out of the container I put them in. They all pop out at different times so I have to run back and forth put them in and by the time I run back to take the pictures they pop out like popcorn. I gave up and enlisted help from Josie’s family. The bloopers are first and then the finished photo.













I bet the 7 and 8th week photos will be a blast too!


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Sand Spring Outlaw~Wordless Wednesday


Meet Sand Spring Outlaw ~ Josie

This is pink girl who will be going to live with my friends that aren’t to far from me so I should see her often.

So that leaves me with my pick of the litter which is……orange girl!


We do not have a name for her yet.

Happy National Dog Day!




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The Move Is Done~Monday Mischief

Hurrah the move to self hosted is done! There was a bit of mischief getting to this day. I thought I went self hosted a week or so again as I upgraded my WP site, then had my domain name pointed to my WP site and I thought that was all that needed to be done, boy was I wrong. I was trying to pick a new theme and having problems with it. I then was talking with 2browndawgs about it and she was trying to guide me when we realized I really wasn’t self hosted. I just upgraded my WP account basically all that did was give me unlimited picture storage. So then Linda talked me through what steps I needed to take to really become self hosted and wala here I am. So a big thank you goes out to Linda for all the help she has given me and I’m sure will give me in the days ahead as I start this new transition. So bare with me as I find a new theme and redesign to incorporate my website into my WP site.

On bigger news Gambler had another hunt test this weekend. John and Gambler were off to a UKC HRC hunt test. He was entered into 2 hunt tests once each day of the weekend. Saturday he smacked the test and came home with a ribbon.

Sunday was whole other story. He retrieved his marks without a problem then on his blind the bottom fell out and he failed his test. He needed this one last pass in order for him to get his finished title this summer. Sadly he didn’t get his title but we will try it again next summer. Training for hunt tests is done for the season and it’s on to hunting season. We had a great summer with some great accomplishments made.

There might be more mischief in this post, I’m thinking you might not be able to see my pictures when I post this as when I preview I can’t see them. I’ve tried and tired to fix it and I have no idea why my pictures won’t show up so any hints let me know. If the pictures are there then disregard this message.

monday mischief

This is a Blog Hop. Thanks to Alfie’s BlogSnoopy’s Dog Blog , Luna, a Dog’s Life , and My Brown Newfies for setting up this hop. Please go to any of the sponsoring blogs to find out who else has been mischievous.