Sand Spring Voo Doo Queen


(HRCH Sand Spring Norm Of Caroway MH     x      UH HRCH Hope Springs Dowry MHR***)


I will be co-owning Marie with Jackie Simpson who is a field trial trainer in the UK. Marie will be living with Zoe who will also be training and running Marie in the UK.

DM: Clear            EIC: CBP             PRA: CBP

1/5/12 Marie was taken to O’Hare Airport and put on British Airlines.

crate4 crate61/6/12 she landed in the UK and came off the plane like nothing ever happened. She passed her health clearance and was picked up by Jacky to start her new journey in life.marie marie_2 marie1

Marie got 2nd place in a competitive training day in 2012

Video retrieving bumper boy at 13 weeks

Picture video of snow goose hunt in Saskatchewan 10/11

Marie’s goodbye to UK tribute

Picture video

Picture video Marie and Fender

Picture video of my trip to the UK 10/12

Picture video of a English Pheasant Hunt I went on while in the UK 10/12